Watch Dstv at an Unbelievable price.

HNFS_Compact_BB_v2urray!!! You can now watch Dstv at an unbelievable price. Are you a football enthusiast, movies or news lover, starting from Ghc 260 you can now enjoy Dstv with 1 month Compact bouquet for free.

With only Ghc260, you get to have the official Dstv decoder only with 1 month subscription of Compact bouquet. Interestingly, your Premium subscriptions have just got better. At only Ghc200, bingo you are good to go. I tell you what, they are in High Definition (HD).

So what are you waiting for? This season is going to be awesome.

Just dial +233570641434/545101697

Which part of the country are you? Never mind. I have got you covered. Dstv, so much more.

Congratulations!!! You can watch Sports24 HD.

Which satellite decoder are you using? Is it Qsat, Alphabox, Gsky or A1? You are rest assured you can watch Sports24HD.

Sports24 uses a minimum of 1m dish, a scalar ring and a cband lnb to track it satellite. Fortunately, you can watch it when you meet all the requirements. It shows English Premier League, Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League and Bundesliga. It is an IMG project from MTN Worldwide.

So in case you really want to watch all real thrilling sports, I bet you don’t have much option than going in for Sports24HD. It comes alongside with other 12 channels. Ranging from Skports News to MSNBC. It has some movie channels too on it. The advantage here is that you don’t need a sim card or account for it to operate. Just biss keys.

Rush now and get yours whiles we wait for Qsat to restore it operations.

You can also visit ( for more info.

Updated list and Prices for AlphaBox and Spycam account

And for the love of football and ease of access, there is a new list of prices for AlphaBox and co. i bet you can’t wait.

AlphaBox Gsky V6 – GHC 210

1m dish – GHC135

Scaler – GHC 60

Cband LNB – GHC 60

Spycam account -GHC 120

Qsat – GHC 345

Thank you very much.


Wait a minute, can we get talking +233570641434, 545101697


There have been of course many different decoders one can think of. Nevertheless, what if it can provide some stability and less expensive too in terms of Sports and Movies.

Powervu Gsky V6 is one decoder that is able to telecast live matches from Sports 24 and Sky Sports. The decoder is able to search for and capture channels with BISS encryption to open them. Including Champions Tv channels. It is yet to be confirmed if it can open Bein Sports channels too.

The Decoder has an in built automatic BISS key which replaces old ones or when new ones are available. Since BISS keys are easy to change, it is of paramount importance to get one decoder that is able to automate things.

However, it might be a bit expensive. The decoder alone would cost around GHC250 depending on where you buy it from. Unfortunately, it does not stop there. The minimum required dish size is 1m with C-band LNB. These would also be around GHC 200. The installation would also cost much though. So in all around GHC 550 – 600 would settle everything. But should you have one of the needed stuffs, it would have helped beat down your cost in acquiring it.

Apart from its outstanding feature, it is still able to include other feature of modern satellite decoders like the RF out, HDMI Input, RS233 among others.

Finally, should you have one Q26 or Qsat 28g, you could also download the Soft cam and upload it on it. Either way, you would still have your Sports24 and Sky running. The only problem may be the changing of BISS keys ‘regularly’.  With all these scramble factors on Qsat, Powervu Gsky V6 could proof an option or?

Lets get talking +233545101697 / 570641434





Would it ever be stable like this? How much more could we ask for? As of writing, Qsat currently is working well with the basics channels.

Qsat has all the Super sport channels working well in exception of SS1, SS2, and 9.

For the lovers of Mnet channels, we can enjoy Mnet Action, Mnet Action +, Mnet Romance, Mnet Comedy. The others are not opening but we hope so.

Sony Max, St Universe, Telemundo, Trace also works well.

Generally, the others would also kick start.

Drop your questions in the comment box or whatsapp +233545101697, +233545101697





Of course Qsat 26g is not the latest product from the Qsat models; Q28g is. This provides the option of watching the terrestrial channels too in addition. It would surprise you that Q26g however has done far better in the Qsat models; 3 different ways.

  1. Stability

Stability has been one of the few cankers that have barked many off from using Qsat decoders. In light of this, Q26g is an option you may want to consider. I can guarantee that Q26g is more stable than the older models. In light of the Canal Sat option, it still gives us the pleasure of enjoying our live matches. It can stay on for more than 15 min and not go scramble. Even should it come, it does go in a second. Do not forget that it is always the Network Reception and Server in question. Though the Adult channels still remains a hindrance, we can still enjoy our live matches as engineers work on it though.


  1. Affordable

Just like the other Qsat decoders, you can get Qsat at an affordable price. As you know, Q28g is costive than Q26g. If you ask me why, I will tell you it is because of the Terrestrial option. As we all know, the more features and quality it provides, the higher in pricing. If you have Q11g, or 23g you may want to give Q26g a try. You can get it as low as GHC 350. With an additional dish installed for Canal Sat, you are sure to say goodbye to ‘scramble channel’ for a while.


  1. SS3NI Resolved

Rather unfortunately, not all of us are able to track SS3NI on our decoders. This is due to an error during programming. Interestingly, it has been rectified on Q26g. To my best of knowledge, I am yet to see a Q26g decoder without the SS3NI. It is prudent to understand that though some may experience scratches; this is due to so many factors. Ranging from the Disec switch to the Signal quality, they are just a few to say. One thing we can confirm is that on Q26g, ‘everything’ seems to work out perfectly. As we all know SS3NI, SS5NI and SS7NI seems to show the important matches and our favourite sports. In view of that, Q26g is the best to go for


With the Football season having began with the EPL, LA LIGA, BUNDESLIGA, FRENCH LIGUE and yet the UEFA Champions League to follow, wouldn’t you rather go for Q26g to rest yourself from ‘scramble channel’ for a while. Maybe just a glance through the 3 reasons stated above. I bet you would love it.


Call now 057 064 1434 or 054 510 1697.



D-TECH VENTURES  60 x 60 inches flexy (1 copy)

‘It is only a fool who would not use the same yards of cloth to cover himself during cold weathers but always lie on it’ says one school of thought. FTA satellite receivers have been doing a great work. This is because they allow for other satellites to be installed on them. However, there are some misconceptions that consumers have laboured within themselves. Apart from Dstv, Canal + among few others, most satellite receivers in Ghana are FTA.

  1. Firstly, Strong decoder to most customers is for strong channels only. Which I greatly disapprove off absolutely. A colleague of mine told me he installed Multi tv for one Customer on the Strong decoder and there was a misunderstanding thereafter. The customer claims Strong decoders are for Strong only meanwhile, he did not specify which he wanted to be installed. In one other case, he installed a strong channel for a different customer using a strong decoder and he was disgusted with him though he explained to him the channels it has. And so many other examples to think about. Strong decoder is from Strong, but they do not own the FTA channels solely. This means it can be viewed on different FTA decoders around the world. One can use Slicker Sat to view Strong channels without any difficulties. Maybe the name ‘Strong’ would make you rush for it, it is ok. Nevertheless, you do not have to buy Multitv receiver when you want to watch those channels. Just go in for an LNB or a dish and there you are. However, do not forget to get a disceq switch if you do not have one. Better still, asks your installer to help you get them or contact me for one.
  1. Secondly, Multitv is among the most widely used decoders in Ghana. Since they have their own channels as such to telecast, it does not necessarily imply that it takes only their channels. You may have head of Azsky Dongle. As of the time that Azsky was working well, one could easily add either G1+ or G1 super to Multi tv Ca plus Series and enjoy the Dstv channels on it. That was what was done to cut down the cost of watching Dstv since Q-sat was a bit costive and not stable then. The same Multitv decoder can be used to view all FTA strong channels. These are over 100 channels so to speak. Though most of them are Gospel, it is enjoyable. You would here many tell you, “Multi tv is boring”. It should not be a problem, just order for a different satellite to be installed. That’s all.
  1. Thirdly, Q-sat has done well to establish itself as a Dstv and Canal Sat based decoder in West Africa. With an account on it, one could easily watch full Premium channels on it. However, as you may know, Multi tv, Strong among others can be viewed on it. This is not hugely contested since it does go scramble often, installers do advise additional satellites been installed. Though it came with Dstv in mind, hopefully, you can use it to watch Canal + too. If you try using it for the Champion Tv channels, only the FTA would open.
  1. Fourthly, Wiztech is a new decoder in the system though they have survived for long. This particularly, you would not hear a customer demand you give him Wiztech channels. It came during the times that Azsky was working perfectly. For it does open them quickly. This is due to the fact that, it has an RS232 port behind. You can hopefully get this decoder at a cool price from D-tymes Technologies.
  1. On the final note, Slicker Sat, which is an S2 and T2 decoder is noted for its 90cm dish wide. There was a high demand though not for the decoder but the dish when Being Sport can be tracked using 75 and 90cm parabolic reflectors. This one too is good for viewing FTA channels with the T2 optional; you would know your digital channels are secured. It does not come purposely with its own channels as Hotbird 13 does. It may cost high a bit but one thing to note is that, you can use a small dish for it too; with respect to the Sat you want to track.

On the whole, Strong and Multitv can work obviously the same. Only Dstv, Canal + among others whose decoders are not FTA. Even that, they have FTA channels on them for viewing; peradventure not to keep you boring when your 1 month or so subscription has expired.

Have you any other possible FTA Satellite Decoders you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.

Thank you.


‘The toad does not run in the daytime unless it chasing something or something is after it’ says one Nigerian Proverb. With SS3, SS3Ni, SS3NW off as of the time of writing, you would agree with me SS1, SS2, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS9 may not suffice the matches you would love to watch. There are some channels which does the same work as SS3.
1. Maximo is a Spanish word translating greatest possible. It is prefixed Max. Max 1P is a Spanish Version of SS3. Though it hardly opens, you can still give it a try. It shows live matches just as SS3 and co. However, this is in Spanish so you will need to change the audio. All steps as to locating these channels and their respective audio are stated below the article.
2. Max 1 is the channel that opens more frequently. As of the time of writing, it was working well. Generally, all matches played on Super sport are transmitted there too. It is for the Spanish people in mind. Though they sometimes show MotoGp racing and some other programmes that SS1, 2, 5, 7 and 9 would telecast, it is nonetheless a good place to watch your matches when SS3 is scrambled. Though I cannot guarantee it stability in terms of not showing Scrambled Channel often, they do well too in major matches as SS3.
3. Moreover, Max 2 if I should say is a Grand Master. It is does same work as Max1. However, it is quicker to telecast SS3 matches than Max1. In any case, it is a good deal to watch especially during this Copa America, CAF, and the Europe Qualification matches.
4. Finally, Max 2P serves as a direct substitute just like SS3Ni and SS3NW to SS3. It does behave like Max1P. Hardly opens but of course as it is there it will come definitely. It is a Spanish channel too.
In a nutshell, these channels are Spanish based channels and play same role as SS3.

To make things easier,
a. Press Ok on your remote
b. If it is on Eutelsat 36 satellite already,
c. Press the Green button
d. And select M
In this case, it would show all Channels starting with M
And there you would have all the Max channels listed
Press on any that which you like
Enjoy yourself

If you are on a different satellite,
a. Press Sat on your remote
b. Locate the Sat name where you often watch the SS3
c. Press Ok
d. Press the Green Button
e. And select M
In this case, it would show all Channels starting with M
And there you would have all the Max channels listed
Press on any that which you like
Enjoy yourself

There is one other way which is dynamic.
Thus, using the numbers directly
In my case,
Max 1P=169
Max 1=162

Also, the audio can be changed by pressing
a. The Audio Button on your remote.
b. First make sure it is on any of the Max channels.
c. Select Stereo/Audio
d. Right/Left

NB: I would not advise you use these numbers though it can work for you as it did for me. The fact is the numbers varies. Due to the different satellites installed for you and probably the arrangement of the channels.

Have you any other possible channels you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.
Thank you.


“A bunch of broom sticks is difficult to break than a single broom stick” says one school of thought. It is really a good idea if you go for the Q-sat receiver, well done. Nevertheless, it would be best if you add other additional satellites to it.
1. Server Instability is a major factor that has led many to have little fate in Q-sat products. In that ‘Scrambled Channel’ do comes so often. Though this is dependent on the network as well, server plays a deep role in it. Though Engineers can work around it, they cannot stop it definitely from going down a second. The server is dependent on other factors to be stable and run effectively at its best. I would talk more about the server in my subsequent posting. So if you have the little money to afford other satellites like Astra 28.2 E, Eutelsat 16 E, Eutelsat 7, Intelsat 68.5E {all in degrees} among others, it would really help.
2. Many would jump to Qsat for the love of Sporting programmes shown on Dstv and Canal Sat. Nevertheless, if you can install Multi Tv located at Astra 28.2 and have your installer open Tv3 for you, it is a substitute. Tv3 channel in Ghana is noted for Champions League on Wednesday, Europa League on Thursday and the English Premier League on Saturday. They are consistent with that which I can confirm. They do well to show EPL matches preview too on Monday night. It also includes other Sports like Boxing, Racing, Tennis, Swimming and on and forth.
3. Oromia Tv channel do well in sports too. This is located at Eutelsat 16. More often than not, they show the EPL matches on Saturday. As you know, Saturday’s matches are sometimes played at 12 noon or 3pm. Oromia Tv decides which to telecast though. However, Oromia Tv is not a stable channel. This is because it can be removed from that Satellite {Eutelsat 16} without prior notice. They are on and off if I have to say. So if you are an Installer, be careful. Also, Eutelsat 16 has lots of channels, ranging from Movies, Cartoons to News. It is cool though to have it installed for you.
4. For the lovers of Nigeria Movies, you can hopefully get Eutelsat 16 or 7 satellite installed for you too. There is a movie channel. Muvi Africa Unite is a dedicated Nigerian Channel which shows 24/7. The rate of advertisement during programmes is about 3%. Moreover, they have nice movies too. Most of them are family oriented movies. Hardly would you see any explicit content or materials. Either satellites would help you get this channel.
5. Finally, Intelsat 68.5 which mostly show Gospel programmes are highly watched by many too. It is where Emmanuel Tv, Mercy Tv among others are located. Though Emmanuel Tv can be watched at Hotbird 13, it is not guaranteed. If you love One Gospel on Dstv, you would love this satellite too. It has 95% of its channels to be Gospel Programmes. Only some few channels show news and movies.

Have you any other possible satellites you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.
Thank you.



Although Qsat has offered enough to suffice our desire for Dstv, Canal Sat among others, there is still some pros and cons about it.


  1. Firstly, Qsat is the cheapest way to watch Canal Sat or Dstv in Africa. This is because one can view the full Premium channels in the case of Dstv and Canal Plus full channels too. You can get the decoder only around GHC340 thereabout. Whiles the full set can cost GHC400. The interesting thing is that you don’t pay any extra cost after installation. You begin to watch full Dstv premium channels for 1 yr free after which you load an account on it again.
  2. Moreover, it has the highest sale in Africa. This is because of the Dstv monopoly and somewhat Canal Sat. So if you want to deal in it, it is a cool choice. Many Ghanaians and Nigerians and some African countries ejoy using it. Implying the demand is very high. Nevertheless, be careful when you want to be a dealer. As there are some fake ones among them. Or probably some hitches after importing or buying them like no account on them and just to mention a few.
  3. Also, Qsat is fond of releasing software to ease the hitches that dealers and customers face alike. Interestingly, they have every in mind. They do well to provide software for older models like q11, q11+, q 13 and just as you can think off. Though the company or producers cannot guarantee how long they would stay in the business, they have in any case established themselves very well. Having a website, many productions, and more dealers in Africa and across, you can be rest assured they may solve your problem. One thing to is that, there is always a solution to whatever hitch a customer may face. So you can imagine yourself not having a problem at all. Though the server can let many down as it happened back some 4 to 5 months ago, which let many to demand for Beinsport; it can be managed after all.
  4. In addition to that, Qsat is the only receiver as of the time of writing this article currently opening Dstv and Canal Sat channels. All other dongles Receivers like Zoro Box and just to mention a few including dongles like Azsky are off. There is a server problem. I hope to update you as they begin to function.


  1. To set the ball rolling, there is no service centre for Qsat decoder repairs. As in the board or any other parts getting spoilt. There is no accredited centre for services of such decoders. Nevertheless, depending on the problem, it may be solved by either using software or someone electronic minded to do it for you. In this case, you do it at your own risk. So be careful whiles using it.
  2. It can be boring sometimes using Qsat. In that it can go scramble when at a pivotal point of some movie or sporting event. It once happened to me. I was watching Chelsea vs. Manchester City in the FA Cup semi- finals last two years ago. It so happened that when Fernando Torres was about to score, it went scramble. After everything has calmed down, it began working again. The same thing when I was watching one Nigerian Movie on Africa Magic, suspense was very high and in no time, scrambled channel came again. It does happen so often as if it has been programmed to behave so.
  3. Qsat, either 11g, 15g, or 28g, all are controlled by servers and network. In this vain, no one fellow can guarantee how long it would take to be stable and not see anything like scramble. Even the manufacturers themselves have no definite power over the server as it is alternated from different sources. One thing for sure is that, they it can be made stable but for how long is not guaranteed.

So you see, whenever you want to buy Qsat, do consider these options. Nevertheless, it is a good product on the average.

Have you any other possible facts you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.

Thank you.