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He alone knows and knows best indeed. Even the hearts of Presidents he controls as he wish. Men are but clay in the hands of God.


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When ever possible, do well to remember me, the good days we made together.


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When it all doesn’t want to work, relax, rethink and push, push and push again.


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If it be that man must suffer for something,  then he will get indeed.


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When it does happened that the hard times come, I will remember the good old days.


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Girl at dividing road
Girl at dividing road

That so many things needs doing

Which I paid less attention to until it happened

So fast nearly breaking down brave hearts

Which for years has been built

To maintain and contain

All that could possibly be

Now or later deeds

Holding no one responsible than myself

It all never seems right, and then there is a question

If ever I know that questions should be ask before tempting solutions

I would have built my house in tin air

Where it hardly recognizes itself

Yes, little did I know what to do

Than it all happened at once