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The hen thought of laying eggs

Into then the nestle

To keep it from breaking

For if

It can not be mended

I contemplated on it

And found the truth

A chicken was out of its shell

It began to grow

And soon beard a fruit to tell a tale

Life is a mayfly

Such is when not cared for

Non can be compared to this

The calabash of womanhood

Breaks forever

What else can I compare with

When we live, it should be of benefits

In useless days

It is of no use, head

We soon shall understand

The days of man are numbered

Starts as a drop of rain

This begins on entering the world

Beautiful things are good for the eyes

May our hearts take no part

Bests of Nature

Man can depend on

The May fly lived for a day

All man’s effort

Be inculcated in the Creator



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Pride came passing by

Tried to rest

After a long days journey

A must heart should inculcate

Where best can it lay its head

There was a wrong path taken

Humble heart got angry instead

It sat down and began in the world

The mouth can not hold

From profane talks, drinking in worlds name

Oh! Pride soon was invited

Why? Must it be so?

And now the heart can remember

No air space for nature

There can pride rest its head

Nature has no say after all

Sitting down and watching activities

The skull must crack its brain

When as this

Our hearts soon forget the past

A leg stepped on a soft heart

Is it that of the angered heart

Is it that of the neutral world

Or dispatched nature hall

The head, to it, incomprehensible

That;s the best it can offer

Not in its reality can it

Let go! A decision has been made

And the seed are ready to be grown

May vengeance water it

When the moon gets darken

And then the river, dried

Beautiful plants withered

The bird has refused flying

Making it easy for the hunter to shoot at

The head thought for that day

Having no plans of tomorrow;s different colors

Man would have to reason

Far beyond the ostrich

This, better

All from the desert of Nature

And inviting pride instead

Can one send for it again-nature

If so, a forgiven heart out of vague

And no thought of this – a compass of tempest

For as the belly knows what to keep

The hands what to touch

The toad out of the boiling water

And the frog when to come out

Brains should dive in pool of wisdom

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Love is like a net catches those closer to it.


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When rain clouds gather and fall not, reason for it can anytime

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The cycle of fate-then, now and the after- should be the concern of the head

In life

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The cycle of fate-then, now and after- should be the concern of the head.

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