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If the days gone by
So weird like beauty
If the dreams had
So cool like breeze
If the journey sojourned
So tiresome like quarrying a stone
If the deeds cropped
So bad a weather
If our memories down the pit
So fresh a new baby
I remember ringing a bell
Remind me if you’ve heard it
Good has been better
The better the best


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You can for now exile my love for you
Until I am through, expel my memories
I legged to Aburi Gardens, Brother I
Comb our eyes through the flowers
And then mine eyes, this beautiful flower
Drew I nearer
Like a twinkling star
A virgin sunflower
To catch a good look
And there was your love for me
My brother’s heart boiled over me
But your love calmed me down
We can sojourn home after all
My legs ache of life
And you gave me an everlasting love of wings
Sad though to leave you
Happy to go back home
The wind your servant
Rest me at your doorstep
The Military officers
The Police and Navy forces with ammunitions
All invaders
Catch my heart cowardice
By your tap of a warrior heart
I stand a tower to envelope
They saluted our love
Greeted your beauty
A table serve them before us
As we drink in glasses of thousands love
Honey said to be sweet
But thy lips incomparable
The substance of sweetness, yet unknown
The whole earth a paradise, I connote
My hands fondle thy breast instead
Like a virgin gazelle tender breast
Wonder I for years
Tell me, how many used nature
The curling thighs
What a perfect artefact
And where great secrets and facts lie
Tell me, in between thy thigh
If her majesty would for once
Permit her servant
Be him the first to know of that secret.


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Soit pour une fois les riches jouissent
Quand ils le travail et la main-d’œuvre
Quand ils se retrouvent avec le prince et la princesse
Ils vont nous dire leur secret jour alors
Les pauvres ne peuvent se réjouir
Et chanter des louanges à leurs espoirs
Quand tout d’un coup
La lune saisir à venir dans la nuit
Et le jour de Sun
Ce n’est pas la façon dont il est fait
C’est la meilleure manière de se faire
Parfois, le vent souffle
Et la pluie est prêt à
Mais sur la façon dont vous vous approchez
Les ombres de la vie


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It all comes back to how it is
Life swirls around us like a wind
We’re told a birth is stamped
Like a beans, creeps
When finally reasons he, we say a man
Back again to the old ways
With a faithful helper like a stick
No sooner and we would have to mourn
Like a moon who’s lost a star
To wait for yet a new tale to unveil
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air
The brave hearts live
Cowardice rooms never fail to be congested
The brave breath their last at home
In cowardice, we smell our last at the war
The cowardice at home
The brave hearts at war
We’re all warriors of our time
Fame and Glory encompasses our reigns
Like a last hope, we dress the road for the new ones
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air
Great Prince and Princess
Expensive slaves and labour hands
All in glamour tattered cloaks
Our memories never full
Remember us them one after the other
As they gulped the most expensive wine
Down the golden broken glasses
We laugh bit by bit
Their life a misery of history
An anatomy of canker
Days outnumbering the numbered
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air


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It is not a must for you live but mandatory for you to put smiles on others face.


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In life the one that which I am always careful for is the unknown future to me. It deters me from certain things and how I relate to others.


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I can see the moon tells the star stories
That I have longed sense to hear
I can see the poor and the rich die in a second
Reminding my life as a Mayfly
I can see the good and the bad
Living day in and out
I can with full vibes move forward for things have been planned
To come and remind me of the hard woks done
Nothing under the Sun has been done disgustedly
For the ages to come shall number them
Accounting my deeds shall be easy as ABC
Watching great things unveil
Mirrors our future
As I watch
I can see my days of happiness
Crawl like a tortoise
Reminding me of which way to attend to
Perhaps I am happy
For I will watch my deeds before executing
Such is life
As I watch