It all comes back to how it is
Life swirls around us like a wind
We’re told a birth is stamped
Like a beans, creeps
When finally reasons he, we say a man
Back again to the old ways
With a faithful helper like a stick
No sooner and we would have to mourn
Like a moon who’s lost a star
To wait for yet a new tale to unveil
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air
The brave hearts live
Cowardice rooms never fail to be congested
The brave breath their last at home
In cowardice, we smell our last at the war
The cowardice at home
The brave hearts at war
We’re all warriors of our time
Fame and Glory encompasses our reigns
Like a last hope, we dress the road for the new ones
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air
Great Prince and Princess
Expensive slaves and labour hands
All in glamour tattered cloaks
Our memories never full
Remember us them one after the other
As they gulped the most expensive wine
Down the golden broken glasses
We laugh bit by bit
Their life a misery of history
An anatomy of canker
Days outnumbering the numbered
It all comes back to how it is
Just like an air


Summon not the wind to thy voices
Nor the cold weather to thy croaks

But in thy own, blossom
Huts we calmly sit under as Som.
Until reverend peace accepts us in her bosom
Understanding, love, and unity among her concomitants we comb

We shall uphold our own beautiful days
And read our claims
To the high orders and older generations
To watch and as trails
Good morals
Good morals and boost morale’s

For this now thumps
To cause our homes clumps