Watch Dstv at an Unbelievable price.

HNFS_Compact_BB_v2urray!!! You can now watch Dstv at an unbelievable price. Are you a football enthusiast, movies or news lover, starting from Ghc 260 you can now enjoy Dstv with 1 month Compact bouquet for free.

With only Ghc260, you get to have the official Dstv decoder only with 1 month subscription of Compact bouquet. Interestingly, your Premium subscriptions have just got better. At only Ghc200, bingo you are good to go. I tell you what, they are in High Definition (HD).

So what are you waiting for? This season is going to be awesome.

Just dial +233570641434/545101697

Which part of the country are you? Never mind. I have got you covered. Dstv, so much more.

Congratulations!!! You can watch Sports24 HD.

Which satellite decoder are you using? Is it Qsat, Alphabox, Gsky or A1? You are rest assured you can watch Sports24HD.

Sports24 uses a minimum of 1m dish, a scalar ring and a cband lnb to track it satellite. Fortunately, you can watch it when you meet all the requirements. It shows English Premier League, Uefa Champions League, Uefa Europa League and Bundesliga. It is an IMG project from MTN Worldwide.

So in case you really want to watch all real thrilling sports, I bet you don’t have much option than going in for Sports24HD. It comes alongside with other 12 channels. Ranging from Skports News to MSNBC. It has some movie channels too on it. The advantage here is that you don’t need a sim card or account for it to operate. Just biss keys.

Rush now and get yours whiles we wait for Qsat to restore it operations.

You can also visit ( for more info.

Updated list and Prices for AlphaBox and Spycam account

And for the love of football and ease of access, there is a new list of prices for AlphaBox and co. i bet you can’t wait.

AlphaBox Gsky V6 – GHC 210

1m dish – GHC135

Scaler – GHC 60

Cband LNB – GHC 60

Spycam account -GHC 120

Qsat – GHC 345

Thank you very much.


Wait a minute, can we get talking +233570641434, 545101697


The assumption is that you already have an idea on what Qsat is. Where the issue to watch paid sports channels come in, little can afford this option. It is no surprise that Qsat would do. This is an update on its current stature.

Users of Avarta Cam Hd can continue to enjoy their Qsat. Back 2 weeks ago and as of writing, it has been working well. Opening SS3ni, 5ni, 7ni among several major channels. Mnet Action + and co are also working very well. Fortunately, it is very stable. I can confirm that. If there are some issues concerning scramble, maybe the network. Bad signal too can prevent you from enjoying this. You can call on your Installer to do that for you. Unfortunately, users of Avarta may not get it to buy again, this is because  Spycam has taken largely in production.

Spycam has been working very well lately too. The advantage is that is opens both D*tv and Canal Sat channels. If you have a dish and Spycam operates on your Qsat, you might want to go for another dish and its concomitants. Spycam personally is okay to use. It gives you to edge advantages. Primarily because if one goes scramble or off, the other can suffice.

There were fears that, qsat would not kickoff again. It is able to not able to open all channels though especially with the D*tv side. Always hoping they open too. Of course if your account has expired or about to expire, don’t forget to fall on me. Other Satellite accessories are in stock too.

Lets enjoy it while it last

Lets get talking +233545101697/ 570641434.


There have been of course many different decoders one can think of. Nevertheless, what if it can provide some stability and less expensive too in terms of Sports and Movies.

Powervu Gsky V6 is one decoder that is able to telecast live matches from Sports 24 and Sky Sports. The decoder is able to search for and capture channels with BISS encryption to open them. Including Champions Tv channels. It is yet to be confirmed if it can open Bein Sports channels too.

The Decoder has an in built automatic BISS key which replaces old ones or when new ones are available. Since BISS keys are easy to change, it is of paramount importance to get one decoder that is able to automate things.

However, it might be a bit expensive. The decoder alone would cost around GHC250 depending on where you buy it from. Unfortunately, it does not stop there. The minimum required dish size is 1m with C-band LNB. These would also be around GHC 200. The installation would also cost much though. So in all around GHC 550 – 600 would settle everything. But should you have one of the needed stuffs, it would have helped beat down your cost in acquiring it.

Apart from its outstanding feature, it is still able to include other feature of modern satellite decoders like the RF out, HDMI Input, RS233 among others.

Finally, should you have one Q26 or Qsat 28g, you could also download the Soft cam and upload it on it. Either way, you would still have your Sports24 and Sky running. The only problem may be the changing of BISS keys ‘regularly’.  With all these scramble factors on Qsat, Powervu Gsky V6 could proof an option or?

Lets get talking +233545101697 / 570641434





Would it ever be stable like this? How much more could we ask for? As of writing, Qsat currently is working well with the basics channels.

Qsat has all the Super sport channels working well in exception of SS1, SS2, and 9.

For the lovers of Mnet channels, we can enjoy Mnet Action, Mnet Action +, Mnet Romance, Mnet Comedy. The others are not opening but we hope so.

Sony Max, St Universe, Telemundo, Trace also works well.

Generally, the others would also kick start.

Drop your questions in the comment box or whatsapp +233545101697, +233545101697





Of course Qsat 26g is not the latest product from the Qsat models; Q28g is. This provides the option of watching the terrestrial channels too in addition. It would surprise you that Q26g however has done far better in the Qsat models; 3 different ways.

  1. Stability

Stability has been one of the few cankers that have barked many off from using Qsat decoders. In light of this, Q26g is an option you may want to consider. I can guarantee that Q26g is more stable than the older models. In light of the Canal Sat option, it still gives us the pleasure of enjoying our live matches. It can stay on for more than 15 min and not go scramble. Even should it come, it does go in a second. Do not forget that it is always the Network Reception and Server in question. Though the Adult channels still remains a hindrance, we can still enjoy our live matches as engineers work on it though.


  1. Affordable

Just like the other Qsat decoders, you can get Qsat at an affordable price. As you know, Q28g is costive than Q26g. If you ask me why, I will tell you it is because of the Terrestrial option. As we all know, the more features and quality it provides, the higher in pricing. If you have Q11g, or 23g you may want to give Q26g a try. You can get it as low as GHC 350. With an additional dish installed for Canal Sat, you are sure to say goodbye to ‘scramble channel’ for a while.


  1. SS3NI Resolved

Rather unfortunately, not all of us are able to track SS3NI on our decoders. This is due to an error during programming. Interestingly, it has been rectified on Q26g. To my best of knowledge, I am yet to see a Q26g decoder without the SS3NI. It is prudent to understand that though some may experience scratches; this is due to so many factors. Ranging from the Disec switch to the Signal quality, they are just a few to say. One thing we can confirm is that on Q26g, ‘everything’ seems to work out perfectly. As we all know SS3NI, SS5NI and SS7NI seems to show the important matches and our favourite sports. In view of that, Q26g is the best to go for


With the Football season having began with the EPL, LA LIGA, BUNDESLIGA, FRENCH LIGUE and yet the UEFA Champions League to follow, wouldn’t you rather go for Q26g to rest yourself from ‘scramble channel’ for a while. Maybe just a glance through the 3 reasons stated above. I bet you would love it.


Call now 057 064 1434 or 054 510 1697.



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Rush now and call;
Mobile: +233 570641434
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+233 545101697

Q28g is the latest product from Q-Sat Manufacturers in China. You may have heard of Q23g and Q26g. The only difference is that, the latter can be used to watch Canal Sat too.
Q28g has the potential of operating in digital and satellites mode at the same time. Simply implies that, it opens digital channels as well as the D*tv and Canal Sat too. Surprised? Wait, there is more.
Q28g especially, the Canal Sat option or account has been very stable now a day. This means that where as the D*tv side may go scramble more often or has not SS3 open for viewing, the Canal Sat side can be used as a substitute. The latter has Sport +, Canal Sport, Canal Foot and several others which show all live matches. Though the language is in French, it should not be a big deal though.
Since Q28g is becoming stable, it would relieve the pressure off SS3 on the other side. Many would go for the Q28g for the sports reason. If that be, then it is time to enjoy real intriguing matches. Do not forget it is barely 4 weeks to the start of a new season.
If you do not have a decoder or has an expired account or any problem, you may want to contact me. Until then, enjoy your viewing.


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Are you an Entrepreneur, do you own a Shop, have you anything you want to show case the world at large? Look no other place than ‘Dvslonline’ and ‘Solomon Laboriel’. This is an advertising based site designed to meet your needs and reach more people than you can think off. With more traffic building up every single day, I bet you your products would travel far. Here, we are dedicated to helping you from the scratch or boost your already audience; ranging from pictures to articles, you would just love it.

Rush now and call;

Mobile: +233 570641434

               +233 573791234

               +233 545101697







Do you know that on every satellite has a channel package meant to meet one’s needs? Do you also know that your decoder can take up to more than 1000 programmable channels? This implies you can always install more satellites or dishes. Hot bird 13 is one of the satellites you have to consider when installing any satellite or dishes.

  1. 100+ channels

Of course this satellite channel has more than 100 channels to scroll through and enjoy. Ranging from News, Cartoons, Nigeria Movies, Block Buster Movies, Telenovelas, Gospel just to mention a few. There is something probably you would love to watch. Customers always love to enjoy something free yet of good quality or much contents. For instance a customer would prefer to buy the Strong decoder instead of Multitv because ‘My tv’ or Strong has ‘many’ channels than the Multitv. In that vein, you would probably love to install this satellite too. The fortunate thing is that, there are no preferences in the decoders. Provided it is a Free to Air decoder. Some channels are in French too, perhaps you love the French culture and the language, consider Hot bird 13.


It is left with barely 4 weeks for the Barclays Premier League to begin as others like La liga would follow soon. Oromio Tv, 2Stv among others show live football matches. Whether it be the English League, French League, Champions League or the Fa Cup, you would have some football matches to enjoy at least. Though this channels are not a dedicated sports channel, they d o well to show live matches fortunately.

  1. Emmanuel Tv

This channel has proven to be stable for some time now on Hot bird 13. You already know of Intelsat 68.5 commonly known as ‘Strong’. For the lovers of Emmanuel tv, you could consider watching Emmanuel Tv from this satellite too. More often than not, some customers complain of the ‘Strong’ channels been purely Christian or gospel channels full of preaching. This is true in that the FTA channels offer that; unlike the paid channels on ‘Strong’, where you have real entertainment to ponder over. Since most would love the FTA, I would concentrate on that instead. The Emmanuel Tv channel on Hotbird is one I would recommend for customers who would love to watch Emmanuel tv and yet enjoy some other entertaining stuffs. Due to the variety of programmes been offered, I bet you would love it.

  1. Movies

This particular satellite has some channels that show the Nigerian channels 24/7. They are of good qualities and very entertaining. Ranging from comedy, romance, spiritual to action. Also, there are channels which show American movies as well. Unfortunately, these Action movies may be in French language. But some channels which show the movies have it in English too. In terms of Cartoons, you are covered. The Dsny Xd channel on Dstv is often broadcasted on this satellite too. There are also the Cartoon Network, Boomerang and several others. If you love Tele novellas, you may want to install this satellite too. Ranging from ‘Pryia’ to ‘The Promise’. A whole lot is being shown indeed. The latter though is in English language. All of these have different channels to show on. There is nothing to worry about.

  1. News

Finally, BBC, Aljazeera, CNN, DW Tv and just to mention a few all are on these satellites. If you are the lover of World news, you may want to give it a try. There are specific channels dedicated to the news broadcast as well as on time basis. Of course the News is in English, and it happens live as when you are watching it on Dstv or Sky decoder. Every breaking news, happening events, recurring stories; I bet you would be the first to hear it.

There are some other channels which are into music, gospel, national geography and several others.

NB: Please note that the above channels are not 100% stable. It can be removed or go scrambled at anytime without prior notice. Until then, I would recommend them.