Girl at dividing road
Girl at dividing road

That so many things needs doing

Which I paid less attention to until it happened

So fast nearly breaking down brave hearts

Which for years has been built

To maintain and contain

All that could possibly be

Now or later deeds

Holding no one responsible than myself

It all never seems right, and then there is a question

If ever I know that questions should be ask before tempting solutions

I would have built my house in tin air

Where it hardly recognizes itself

Yes, little did I know what to do

Than it all happened at once


Spirit rising from body
Spirit rising from body

Oh, humble friend, whose works are but not limited to that which the eyes sees

In great depth and beyond what the ears can hear

Which ages has not been, yet your good fellow seeks

In haste and as chasing the winds here

Bad as it could be to hear

Which often leads to your early journey

Taken on afar and not near

Like reversing a key

Which is as but would not be compared to a drunk cup of coffee


Where calls have become necessary

Efo Kodzo would advise answering with the left ear

Whereas he would not take medicines with cold water

He knows full well to eat light foods after 5pm

You could imagine him staying for long before bed

Nevertheless, not until 10pm

In that he does not want to lie down immediately after meals or medicines

Even if he would forget one thing

Not dropping a lemon liquid in the water that he takes early in the morning

He is not good at drinking tea in Plastic Cups too

Yes, he claims it can cause 52 types of cancer

But after all the busy schedules

I can imagine his phone would run down

Where he would not make or answer a call when it is on charge

He neither would bath with soaps always

Sometimes, just a shower

He has done well though

Hmm, Efo Kodzo


Arrangement of various fruits and vegetables

Fruit which ancient has lived long in that apple

To which Eve may eat and give Adam some

Where Grapes could have been replaced possibly

Empowering the rate of vitamin work in our system

With friends like A, C, and B6

Blackberry could not be forgotten so soon

Dark in nature, sweet as ever

Which I may compare to Grapefruits, perfectly made indeed for men

Who needs some weight lost

And that Yellow Papaya which I so much delight in

Relieving indigestion among others

In that body fat reduction and cholesterol would help

Lemon would suffice

Raising concentration and alertness


Man using umbrella to protect himself from the wind

If you need stop

Why did you start after all?

If discouragement needs come

Why would you welcome

If isolation be a man

Why would you befriend

If inferiority complex be a drug

Why would you swallow?

If risk be task

Why would you fallback

If failure be a success, like a step

Why would you not climb again?

If knowledge be a woman

Why not marry early

Where all can indeed be grateful and yet envious of you

Praising and yet degrading you

Reminding you of the law of vibration

Which makes not one way straight

Believing that one day

Just one day, all would be alright.


Italian boy imagining contents of book

When James Blunt said “I am dreamer” in Goodbye My Lover

In that all we can do is to simply dream and think out how to make it happen

If dreams be a reason

Purpose would have to be pursued

Like Togbe Kofi

Who has it in the pipeline

To own the largest plantation of farm

Then, not resting, toiling and toiling always

In the winter and summer

Just to accomplish that desire

Setting and breaking boundaries

Which old have fought hard for?

Achieved in long waited hours

Being the driving force

Which Togbe Kofi

Has laid upon until then

He shall and always employ the best at its best

Sleeping and waking up where necessary

To toil and toil for the days to come

Yes, for his good works

Togbe Kumlor would add some land to his

Where Efo Kodzo would not lie

It shall be added too

And then, they all shall make it the largest

Yes, I know

Oh, Togbe Kofi

Indeed, dreamers never sleep


Baby laying on the tummy

Like mountain Everest

Which knows not how far it has gone

To establish itself as the highest mountain of all

Which shall be remembered until then?

His teacher’s lessons he teach

In and out of the day

Where opinion leaders

Leave not his doorpost until witty sayings they hear

After which he would go and dine with Kings

Enlightening them on the way forward

Which since he has learn from the holy scrolls

Abandoned by many

Who chase the wind and eat dust

Yet to which they are not satisfied

In that repeatedly they try

But to no avail and vanity instead

Ending at where they start

Which yet he would not

And clothing himself with wisdom

Just like the ‘Dawner’

Who sleeps with old and bad

Habits and information

Waking up with new ones like the lily flower

Ever looking fresh

Which would remind him to say?

“If love be a substance, to every person and the taste it would have”

“If wisdom be a cave, only the humbled would go through”

“If anger be a fire, it would not stop smoking the heart that expects always”

“If happiness be a drug, to them that would know bad and yet do good can afford it”

“If death be a woman, only the righteous would be a bachelor for long”