When waves and tides tear my heart

Promising me no end to my worries

Which ages has dealt blow to my heart with

In tons of cartoons

You were there rightly

To dry my falling tears

My dying heart

Which has longed for you since?

The day you were born

The first star and moon to appear in the night

The dazzling sun in the day

You are my left hand

For which duel with the right

Day and night

Your touches so smooth

Curdles me to sleep

Your kiss, ever warming,

What a golden lips you have

Designed by the best architect

Who even as a clot of blood, knew drawing

If I tell you, the best is in you

Please do not deny it

Your tender breast

Your curved hips

The Butts

Nicely curved thighs

Gifts from nature

Riches and wealth have been good

But your shadow which appears

Before your astonishing beauty

Clear all airs; best

If ages could have noticed it

Might have prevent me from seeing you

Oh my love


In our secret places

Indoors and Outdoors

In the midst of our tiredness

Depression and bad times

Blissful and unforgettable moments

Which we assume happens ones in a lifetime

So as to celebrate it so much

Like a bouncing baby boy

So much longed for

All is but can be a flash

Like a lightning thunder

This may either shock or relax us

When our plans are made

Which is now left to fate to justify?

Implying we cannot do much after all

But still believe we are among the Parliamentarians

Who says can be upheld or withhold

Even in difficult times,

This needs no forgetting

But man would

With respect to the figure talked about

Which since has no place in humanity

Or adored like a Prince

Who says power, wishes command?

Riding on white horses

In any case

The dreams we dream

Have a major stake

In our darling world



Those loyal have been
Since the cutting of the sods
Which was done back some years ago
When I was yet to open my eyes
To see the realities of life
Which has dawn many to succumb to fate?
Which know neither the weak nor the strong?
As my friend Ecclesiastes would remind me in his 9th Chapter
In the days where might and power could reign
Years after years dominating humanity
Which I am yet part of
Walking back and forth
But still trending on old timers
Which my heart has established long ago
Until now, my hope trails determination forever more.


I dream and dream of big things
And live with the least in the society
I sit and sit well
And tell my neighbors ‘I love them’
I work and behave
And remember them forever
I drink and eat
And ask them if they have
I can run and run
And I will dedicate some to them
I can sing and sing
Perhaps their mighty song
I will hmm and hmm
Perhaps for their untold stories
Nature has been good to me
I have been good to her
She will tell me her secrets
I will confide in her
She will teach me her lessons
And I will learn
If I will sit down for once
I will think about her
And perhaps if I will do again
I will wish she will spend the night with me again
To tell me those sweet words
To travel my journey with
And when I arrive safely
I am still her friend
An old friend of her
Yeah, an old friend of nature


Where is it that he boasts of?
The last time he drank from the pot tell me
I live in life and yet watch the wind blows
The dust is much faster
And the rain never seize to fall
I watch them do their things
But wait, where is man?
Where is it that he resides at?
Of all that is in life
Tell me, where is it that he cares for?
Beauty has come for long
And her glory never seize to amaze me
If I have one to live with
If I rest on future laurels
If I watch the good things happen
If I watch the bad things happen
Perhaps someday, I would be taught
The very secrets of life
But wait
Tell, where is it that he cares for?



What is this that I have smelled
Dangling white
Is it a white gold?
What can I compare to this
What have I at my disposal to think off
It is the works I do
The hands I lend
The people I think off
And the happiness I try
Day in and out to print on their faces
If I am alive
This is at least what I can do
Yes, to tell my people I really care about them
Life is all about loving people of different races


A poem dedicated to the Late Kofi Awoonor

Dancing and clapping yet your hands
For the days ahead
And never ready to tell us everything
We live and play every day a stranger
Just to pay a visit
And then all of a sudden
There he goes
I thought we numbered our days
Perhaps counted our moments
But not one saw your approval
Life has known you for long
For as we dine and wine, we are still brothers
My heart sinks down
When I see the Wind carries the message to me
The Sun has been scorching
And the rain never seize to fall
We shall and yet meet someday
Yes, I think so, perhaps
And then all of a sudden
There you go
Nature has known us for long
And our duties need more exportation
To those lovely children of hope
I saw your works and deeds
And not one gave me a bail
And when they finally did
I thought of trailing you
But now, where we can meet once again
And then all of a sudden
There you go
Send my greetings to nature
Tell her I still love her
Yes, I do
As I wait, and yet do our exportation
Our works live forever


Nature has traveled for long
And I live to tell her tales
She has explained a lot to me
At least enough to dine with
My eyes see each day fly
And drop every hope for me
Swimming in hours
Not one second to wait for me
There is a good thing ahead
Perhaps a bad thing
Her sons and daughters
Should be happy
For yet the days ahead
Have a message for us
To massage our deeds
For her counting began long
In that beautiful Garden of Eden
Our works are numbered
Our words are no more than numbered
Life has been good
Her letters have been surprising
And if I could remember any
Do no bad to him or her
For you live yet to account
Perhaps, now an Auditor General of Life
If I could, I would tell the world
Good things, Bad things
Nature is an Auditor General of Life