By: Lin Collins

Is it that the Germans do not want to give birth or it is just hard doing it?

I was at BBC and this news caught my eyes from their site: Germany passes Japan to have world’s lowest birth rate – study. A whole lot of males and females indeed are in Germany. Nevertheless with these studies, it implies that, there is something hindering Germans on giving birth. This puzzles me myself.

Mr’s. Merkel’s Government I am very sure have been putting efforts relentlessly to curb this phenomenon, nevertheless it seems it is just not yielding much in the country. Some improvements on childcare support are one of the ways indeed. I think in any case that more investment has to go down in that lane instead. Already there are efforts, however, they contribute less. For this study comes amidst the support and investment on childcare support in the country.

Going forward, it would imply as you already know, more immigrants pushing towards those vacancies that may be left by the aging population. Yes, and if they would have any other alternative, then probably it would mean increase in high wage. Employers would have to pay much to secure services of those currently on the labour market. Perhaps monopoly would reign in field where there are inadequate specialized labours.

However, they could just make it easy for Africans with the requisite cognizance needed in a particular field to come down. Africa is noted for having higher birth rate in the whole world especially Niger. I believe blacks can do equally what the white would do and even does it better. We are talking about knowledge here so it does not matter. If Germans can make it some lucrative for Africans to fly down there, I think it would help in one way or the other. In addition to this, it would probably reduce the high cost of labour. For there would be sufficient or just surplus which would do some assistance or undertake learning in other needed fields in their economy.

Moreover, the Germans could continually revise on ways other countries like Ghana, not Niger necessarily deal with birth rate. Obviously what leads to sufficient labour on the jobs? And even some not unemployed, just to study what other countries are doing so as to do them if possible. There is no harm in trying though. Ghana for instance is not having any issue with the active working force in the country. I believe wisdom lies not in one head.

Continuing, legislation could work possibly. Making it attractive for parents to give birth would in some years to come help also. Perhaps, the government could say it would sponsor 2 of every 5 children born in a family through to University. Or just some way to increase the rate at which mothers gives birth. It can also be done such that a family would pay more tax on having children below 3. It would either cushion the parents to give birth more to gain some sponsorship for their children or have some other alternatives. It could work possibly.

In a nutshell, Germany is one of the countries whose economy is good to write home about. Nevertheless, if the issue of low birth rate continues it would rescind them indeed. Considering options like more immigrants especially Ghanaians, seeking knowledge wise ways and alternatives from Africa countries, the use of legislation could help in my candid opinion. Or would they probably look at the average man who can give birth?



By: Lin Collins

Hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless when two powerful earthquakes shook Nepal on April 25th and May 12th.

I really think the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is doing very well. From Tanzania Nyarugusu Refugee Camp to Nepal’s earth quake incidence. I say well done. The IRC has been putting efforts tremendously just to helping the human society live comfortably. Hopefully, this is done through the agencies and affiliations that believe in them. You could imagine Association for Aid and Relief (AAR) Japan , the IRC’s partner organization in Nepal aiding in this regard. It is just brilliant when people believe in you. Yes, and now I do too. If only I fall for you and you do the same for me, won’t we just get along? Of course we would.

“In these mountainous areas we see about 80 to 90 percent of the houses made of stone and mud are either totally destroyed, partially destroyed, or they have cracks,” says Noriyasu Okayama, AAR’s regional manager for Asia. “The first priority for now is shelter and food.” If at least they have been able to undertake majority of these activities, then the rest would not be a much hitch either. The simple thing is they are really doing well. Moving from one’s home to take care of someone, voluntarily, day and night tirelessly, made simple by joining an organization, the less privileged care your care, well done indeed. With the issue of shelter and food, there are plans underway already. Yes, of about 8,000 bags of rice and food not excluding, foam mats and matters of shelter, all these by the AAR’s.

However, this cannot be done by them alone, of course I know you far from Nepal. Nevertheless, you can donate to help save a live and reduce a burden. If you ask me I will tell you that no little amount is small. You give according to what you have. The International Rescue Committee’s partner, AAR, is on the ground providing lifesaving assistance to quake survivors in one of Asia’s poorest countries. They are doing their best in their capacity to suffice the situation with what they have. Nevertheless, giving them a lending would be appreciated. If some £49, £150 or £300 is what you have, then what are you waiting for? Sometimes in life you have to assume the position of certain people and change their world in your own capacity. Below this article would be how to donate or reach them.

In addition to this, you can hopefully help if you are around that vicinity in reasonable forms possibly. When it is done in kind or cash, they all aim at one thing; helping the victims of Nepal, 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (ESV). If they would probably forget what you did for them someday, mind you, God would not forget it, Hebrews 6:10 (KJV). It is all about you and the world around you. If you cannot help possible the people around you, how much more the people afar? The AAR’s are far from the victims, do their possible best to aid. They have dedicated themselves to that particularly. It is most honourable in life to put a smile on someone’s face. Make that soul feel your touch of concern.

Finally, you could imagine how the rain has already landed on its two feet. It is raining in cats and dog, very heavy indeed. This would be an emergency relief fund. Guys let’s put our hands together. Below is the information and link to their site.

Other ways to donate

By phone

Using you credit or debit card on +44 (0)800 707 6657 or +44 (0)20 7692 0405

By post sending a cheque (payable to International Rescue Committee) to The IRC 3 Bloomsbury Place London WC1A 2QL UK