From Google to Bing

From Key-Find to Duckduckgo

From Amazon search to Ebay

From Wikipedia to Yahoo search

From the internet to caves

Places where I possibly believe she could not be

Sleeping in the day, researching in the night

Yes, i heard her beauty glows in the night

So as I could see her very more and well

To overtake the darkness around me

Which could encompass my brain and little love heart

Oh, where is my love

Who so many years has put rules to my physiochemical biological machine

Yet to unlock all in its eyes

Deep down emotions

From the dawn of the day

Early before the cock crows

Yes, now the latter sleeps than human

So you see, my live would pass by

And I would not know

“Wake up, wake up Lin Collins, for here she comes”


When waves and tides tear my heart

Promising me no end to my worries

Which ages has dealt blow to my heart with

In tons of cartoons

You were there rightly

To dry my falling tears

My dying heart

Which has longed for you since?

The day you were born

The first star and moon to appear in the night

The dazzling sun in the day

You are my left hand

For which duel with the right

Day and night

Your touches so smooth

Curdles me to sleep

Your kiss, ever warming,

What a golden lips you have

Designed by the best architect

Who even as a clot of blood, knew drawing

If I tell you, the best is in you

Please do not deny it

Your tender breast

Your curved hips

The Butts

Nicely curved thighs

Gifts from nature

Riches and wealth have been good

But your shadow which appears

Before your astonishing beauty

Clear all airs; best

If ages could have noticed it

Might have prevent me from seeing you

Oh my love


sweetness inty bosom
For this reason I can’t stop thinking about you
Day in and out
Whiles I work and toil
In moments I can break for a while
Your thoughts full my head
Allowing me to take a break
For which I enjoy so much
Nonetheless, keeps you always in my dreams
I love it
Just like you love yourself and even more than that
That sweet thing in thy bosom
So loving and touching
Like a baby cuddle to sleep
It makes me relaxed
All the worries the world has for me
In twinkling stars and dangling beauties
Which so matters to me
I so love it
Even when I thought I couldn’t
It is the best ever
In your scented sweeten bosom
I love you.


Life has been good
The world so fast
Moments in a race
Never tried to rest
I watch them one after the other
They roll like carpets
Very funny like comedians
Serious like the ant
For once wail I
To see you there
A dungeon was taught to be good
Punishments eaten on good plates of food
Bathed day in and out
Labour your friends
Situations so weird
Never one moment to remember a thing
Beauties so weird
Circumstances never a good
The nation’s worry you manufacture
Great pleasures of pain we eat in
Now for once your days alight
Beauties as new hopes
When Christ’s cloaks white
Ask for one or two
Dangers we know
Smiles aback
Help the builders build
Remind our days to be fruitful
Water our golden ages
Prepare our good budget of hopes
Dine with us in good fate
Our nation, our hopes, the dreams unborn
You’re a shareholder
I salute thy works of majestic arts


Secrets have I heard
All in my dream land
Where none play a reality
My love in a dreamland
My words yet unborn
Things hoped to do but quelled
My anxiety but founded
My words but slow like a snail
Full fragrance like lily flower
Touching thy heart the right key to say
A nice city to go inside
Slowly but careful
After ages and times unnumbered
‘Yes, I love you’
A deep relief I should say
‘Promise me that you’re not going to break my heart’
‘I promise, I am never going to do anything to hurt you’
Love is but sensitive
Love is but a strong magnet
Just can’t take away my mind off
A real force of attraction
Just too hard to release thy mind off
My first love