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I have heard that the brave are not easily defeated

The warriors of our land are hard to compromise, not even Google

The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step, yes, Amazon stocks would remind

If I need humble myself and take it one after another, remind me,

If Duckduckgo would search wide than Google

Yet not known as much

Yes, if it all starts with a single step

It would be continued and completed with many footsteps already taken notice of

To he that is in haste

To he that thinks no need to continue

Togbe Klikor would demand maybe

“What pushed you to start at the first place?

What inspired you to start at the first place?

To them that resign to fate, not long enough to continue after all”

I say ‘Ayekoo, Ayekoo, Ayekoo’ to those on the journey

Which I just began so strongly


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Like days of my friend Noah

When we built the ark together

Never needing a sailor

Or Master to direct the ship


Or better still a captain

Where humanity of our time would not just heed to instructions

My close friend Ecclesiastes would tell you

There is time for everything

Of course there is

Especially to the king’s heart

Which lies in the hands of the creator like a river?

And what about me the pauper

Sleeping and waking up with it

Means it not that I have to slumber

I would only remember the words of my good friend

Who will dine with Queen of Beersheba

That surely a wise fellow would grow in seed-time

You know the end to that story

If to them who has the ears would not listen

Hmm, I guess those with none

Would maybe listen with cork ears

Yes, I know

For how long possible

If strive always, I may be met by time

To quicken things up

To give me rest

Until then or?

Poverty would steal me like a thief

Oh, not so nice

Is it?


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This only grows in the times the flood run and run over my humble house

Which was there before the dawn of ages?

To serve as a home to all that may possible pass by

Sojourn to places they would not remember

Talk of recounting a story from here

Where thousands would have slept and dine before

Bringing back home their lost treasures

O f all goods and goodies

So beautiful and majestic to adore in insight

For the kings sake


Who would know full well he could possible rule till end

If only I am correct

If it be a plant,

It shall not cease wet

For such make the hunter

Leaving early as he could

To the forest of many animals and things to hunt

But few to lay hands on legally

To remain focus at least


Il n’est pas facile

When great men sit to see

Stand yet you

Not to see


My little hope

Which dries in the raining season?

Like a saliva

From the north-east trade wind door post

Which finally happens to wet it?

Growing it little by little

That someday

Rain possibly

It’s all about my little hope.


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To the things I heard I did

This was not supposed to be encouraging

Or? No! Encouraging instead

Which could not yet be this time around, or always?

For the law of vibration

In that I can, some utensils

Like a silver

Wash them to become finally

If you ask my brother

“Do not wash your dirty linens in public”

Which I am yet to do however

Though in private

As to avoid the public after all

If ever to look back

To things tagged shame

Tagged beauty

Needs no wandering to what I would do

For the forward need a building block from behind

Which could be done best from behind, block?

Wait a minute, what if not?

The building may dangle and finally fall on my head

My future so shut

The past so dim

If ever I look back

To the things recorded by scenes and nature

To re-write my story

Which someday my Maths teacher would ask off

And finally get punished by the religious tutor

I could just image myself

As the future walked becomes past

To repair the way indeed

If it’s a rough road

To do some gravels and quota

Yes, to make it the most street travelled by

Yes, I know

Just someday

If ever I could look back.

wisdom in full

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When small mountains  are climbed whiles running, the larger ones are done  walking.

When you think…

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The beauties in this world, the worries, the events that  goes around  it…they are all meant to strengthen you.


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In life, when ever possible,  do your best to stay focus in life.  It is the key to basic success.