I came by and fly
Yet to greet the days ahead
And hope for better ones
She has travelled far
For she knows not a thing but one
The scribed lonely diary
‘We’ve hope for ages to understand us
But has travelled far
Where our hearts are drunk in curiosity
Full of vague like the darkness on Egyptians Land
Rose tasted it and sent her flavours to my heart
And when Diva inhaled them
I am now an audience
The calabash of womanhood, breaks now and never again
Rose saw him hop like a frog down-streams clinching to yet another
Like a nice Manchineel
And now Diva’s drop of tears has over flooded
Taken care by Orange Blossom
Here I lies with Juniper
Cloth with Globe Amaranth from my lover
It was Gloxinia and now Dahlia
Until it tarnishes my image
I am still a virgin
Should I be proud?
Should I weep?
Should I hope for better days?’