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If you ask King Solomon

“All is vanity”

To all that the ravens may gather in harvest time

Plant he the farmer

Who grows not the plants not age them to ripe

My simple message to all and sundry

To that which lives ones and that would someday

To live yet eternally somewhere I do not know

Live it well now

If need you believe that there is GOD

If need you believe that there is MAWUGA

If need you believe that there is AU JESUIS

And the rest maybe you can or?

Then do it now

If others continued not their journey again with you

You may to others

Humanity and to friends of the earth

If reason be, reason

If sleep be, compare to death

To them that would be in a trance

Believe or leave it

Man lives and dies once


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I have heard they have been there for long
They have never cried though
But when they do
Their heart cannot stop crying
The days untold
The beautiful years wasted
And one can assure me
They have what it takes for the future
Let us go and see them
At least, I have some vegetables
The fruits are ripped
I have been a farmer
And now my crops have harvested me
Let us go and see them
Perhaps we might take one for our self
And tell them, we love them so much
They are for those who want and don’t have
So if nature has refused us one
Let us go and live them with us
They will be happy
For once, their dreams are approaching them
And their hopes are now kind to them
Where they live happily
Nature shall remember us
Where they dream and remember
They shall number us
Where they shall speak
They shall count our words
Come let us go and see them.

La naturaleza

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Si usted tiene la fuerza para perseguir una cosa.
Si usted tiene el coraje de aventurarse de nada.
Ven y dime, ¿estoy en la libertad de jugar con ellos?


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Dieu a doté tout le monde avec l’engagement nécessaire dans le domaine du travail, de sorte qu’il est plus facile pour vous de résoudre ce accroc particulier.


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God has equipped all and Sundry with the requisite recognizance in the field of work, such that it is made easier for you to solve that particular hitch.


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In life, it is those that who would understand you, shall live with you. In the days coming, when they don’t comprehend you a bit, shall remember you deeds and trails your works.