Great Mountains and Valleys
Come and I will tell you
Of all the Oceans and Lakes
Here my cry for the blown dust
I saw the shadows came by and fly
We drank until the last drop of wine
The Moon was happy to see us
What a comment rained from the stars
Nevertheless then, we had told our old stories
And laughed the Spanish
The wind did hear us also
The Earth could not wait to hear the last words we have
In addition, when she does finally, she breathed in and out
Life still insists to be a stranger
I saw her going to Mr. Malu’s home
Yes and when I had the chance
‘Tell me, why the head have failed to comprehend you’
‘I was before thee’
‘However hard I try to…’
‘I have not set this to comprehend my ways’
Off she was, walking gorgeously to the stream
To give the birds a new day’s smile
And then all of a sudden
I am at sea
I saw him travel but not to there
The sea so deep
The journey so far
However, when I follow
It should be unaware
Oh, Mr. Malu, the ugly and beautiful know you
They sing and drum until you dance
Your foots steps are spectacular
Nevertheless, for now, we dream and die in it
Drinking from the pots, we expelled
But someday
We shall meet
Until then, when you hear and see
The clouds coagulate
Do not forget to remind me
The days ahead


Oh Mr. Kutsi, the feeble and fearless learn from thee
The Moons saw you coming and drown themselves in Ages
Our rivals sing and dance, brave words of warriors
Battle and conquer towns and villages
But for your shadow
Quell back into spectacular shells like a tortoise
And plays a servant in thy presence
You dine with your close enemies
Moreover, not one is poisonous in thy presence
Mamba knows you as well as python
For your great adventure and heroic figure
Our Sons and daughters have since remembered you
The name you wrote with your hands has failed to clean
My brother believed you to be a good man
Of all that we have, you blessed
The good and the bad come visiting
To tell you their hearts and the images they have for you
When all of a sudden, they heard you travelling
To that land of ours
Where we are made to lie in groups
In addition, maybe remember the gold and dust awaiting us
You have let my heart sinking for long
My wife your choice
Our families land your possession
The grave we dug our own
Where the great Afadjato I fall from my fate
How kind you are, to exhibit your wickedness
The birds of the skies knew you
The wild animals of the forest cannot wait to brush the dust of your bones
Until I come there
You shall be like an angel and I shall judge you perpetually