The cry and the console
The works and words
The days and moments
Our future live forever
For our hope and glory
We look forward
Stepping on our mistakes to thrive forward
We shall someday tell our story
For now know us them not
We finally shall hope
For moments which trails the snail
Stopping by the lonely moon
To send greetings to our neighborhood
Who live by the soothsayers house
Clinching day and night yet
To another memory we shall fail to forget
As we coagulate yet stones for rocks
Alas we can think for once
Building our homes and furnishing our sleeps
This is our hope and glory
To live and remember our children
Whom we love till death
Our determinations
Success for which we stayed all night for
Our cry and consoles
For yet they shall
Perhaps come and meet it
Someday, somehow, somewhere
This is our hope and glory



You have claimed to live with nature since
Enforcing yet the end of things
But If I you could permit me
Allow my innocent tongue to ask
Perhaps one question
Tell me, why don’t you ask permissions
Perhaps before coming
I heard you are a thief
Yes, I connote
You just took my child hood friend away
To places which know you
I thought yo were created for man
Or, perhaps we don’t pay you as you want
And then, you have resigned
You can travel yes
But wait when coming
Allow my head to reason through your ways
To hug my heart for the last
Maybe, yes, and my hands
If only I could change your name
I would have called you a stranger
Yes, that is what you are
You come and go,
Without a level of invitation
I will wait till my brother comes back
Tell him, you said he should live a life
Worthy of praise
Doing good to all manner of person
And just remember that you might as well come as a thief again
Perhaps love everybody
Till I let you go
Send my greetings to those in your custody
Tell them, I have received their advice
And soon shall work on them