The cry and the console
The works and words
The days and moments
Our future live forever
For our hope and glory
We look forward
Stepping on our mistakes to thrive forward
We shall someday tell our story
For now know us them not
We finally shall hope
For moments which trails the snail
Stopping by the lonely moon
To send greetings to our neighborhood
Who live by the soothsayers house
Clinching day and night yet
To another memory we shall fail to forget
As we coagulate yet stones for rocks
Alas we can think for once
Building our homes and furnishing our sleeps
This is our hope and glory
To live and remember our children
Whom we love till death
Our determinations
Success for which we stayed all night for
Our cry and consoles
For yet they shall
Perhaps come and meet it
Someday, somehow, somewhere
This is our hope and glory


I have heard they have been there for long
They have never cried though
But when they do
Their heart cannot stop crying
The days untold
The beautiful years wasted
And one can assure me
They have what it takes for the future
Let us go and see them
At least, I have some vegetables
The fruits are ripped
I have been a farmer
And now my crops have harvested me
Let us go and see them
Perhaps we might take one for our self
And tell them, we love them so much
They are for those who want and don’t have
So if nature has refused us one
Let us go and live them with us
They will be happy
For once, their dreams are approaching them
And their hopes are now kind to them
Where they live happily
Nature shall remember us
Where they dream and remember
They shall number us
Where they shall speak
They shall count our words
Come let us go and see them.



You have claimed to live with nature since
Enforcing yet the end of things
But If I you could permit me
Allow my innocent tongue to ask
Perhaps one question
Tell me, why don’t you ask permissions
Perhaps before coming
I heard you are a thief
Yes, I connote
You just took my child hood friend away
To places which know you
I thought yo were created for man
Or, perhaps we don’t pay you as you want
And then, you have resigned
You can travel yes
But wait when coming
Allow my head to reason through your ways
To hug my heart for the last
Maybe, yes, and my hands
If only I could change your name
I would have called you a stranger
Yes, that is what you are
You come and go,
Without a level of invitation
I will wait till my brother comes back
Tell him, you said he should live a life
Worthy of praise
Doing good to all manner of person
And just remember that you might as well come as a thief again
Perhaps love everybody
Till I let you go
Send my greetings to those in your custody
Tell them, I have received their advice
And soon shall work on them


A poem dedicated to the Late Kofi Awoonor

Dancing and clapping yet your hands
For the days ahead
And never ready to tell us everything
We live and play every day a stranger
Just to pay a visit
And then all of a sudden
There he goes
I thought we numbered our days
Perhaps counted our moments
But not one saw your approval
Life has known you for long
For as we dine and wine, we are still brothers
My heart sinks down
When I see the Wind carries the message to me
The Sun has been scorching
And the rain never seize to fall
We shall and yet meet someday
Yes, I think so, perhaps
And then all of a sudden
There you go
Nature has known us for long
And our duties need more exportation
To those lovely children of hope
I saw your works and deeds
And not one gave me a bail
And when they finally did
I thought of trailing you
But now, where we can meet once again
And then all of a sudden
There you go
Send my greetings to nature
Tell her I still love her
Yes, I do
As I wait, and yet do our exportation
Our works live forever


Oh Mr. Kutsi, the feeble and fearless learn from thee
The Moons saw you coming and drown themselves in Ages
Our rivals sing and dance, brave words of warriors
Battle and conquer towns and villages
But for your shadow
Quell back into spectacular shells like a tortoise
And plays a servant in thy presence
You dine with your close enemies
Moreover, not one is poisonous in thy presence
Mamba knows you as well as python
For your great adventure and heroic figure
Our Sons and daughters have since remembered you
The name you wrote with your hands has failed to clean
My brother believed you to be a good man
Of all that we have, you blessed
The good and the bad come visiting
To tell you their hearts and the images they have for you
When all of a sudden, they heard you travelling
To that land of ours
Where we are made to lie in groups
In addition, maybe remember the gold and dust awaiting us
You have let my heart sinking for long
My wife your choice
Our families land your possession
The grave we dug our own
Where the great Afadjato I fall from my fate
How kind you are, to exhibit your wickedness
The birds of the skies knew you
The wild animals of the forest cannot wait to brush the dust of your bones
Until I come there
You shall be like an angel and I shall judge you perpetually