I have heard my friends call you several names
But before I call you one
Tell me
Do I need to take a look at how you come?
The treacherous you dine with?
How you persuade them to love you?
As you ride with your darling bribery servant?
And never ready to rest?
Tell me
Do I need to remind you
Your crave for good is less bad?
I wonder if you play sleep
As you come with full hope
You establish your dominion not far
If I can fly like a space rocket
I would snail just because of you
I once asked myself a question
Where your fountain head lies?
I once remembered you visited me
And when you finally came with your friend
I cannot just do without my integrity
Day in and out your call for halt echoes my heart
I may cry and wail for your cunny ways
But I would live to tell my sons and daughters
To continue the fight
Until you are exiled
Perhaps I can rest my case
But then you play a coach