You can for now exile my love for you
Until I am through, expel my memories
I legged to Aburi Gardens, Brother I
Comb our eyes through the flowers
And then mine eyes, this beautiful flower
Drew I nearer
Like a twinkling star
A virgin sunflower
To catch a good look
And there was your love for me
My brother’s heart boiled over me
But your love calmed me down
We can sojourn home after all
My legs ache of life
And you gave me an everlasting love of wings
Sad though to leave you
Happy to go back home
The wind your servant
Rest me at your doorstep
The Military officers
The Police and Navy forces with ammunitions
All invaders
Catch my heart cowardice
By your tap of a warrior heart
I stand a tower to envelope
They saluted our love
Greeted your beauty
A table serve them before us
As we drink in glasses of thousands love
Honey said to be sweet
But thy lips incomparable
The substance of sweetness, yet unknown
The whole earth a paradise, I connote
My hands fondle thy breast instead
Like a virgin gazelle tender breast
Wonder I for years
Tell me, how many used nature
The curling thighs
What a perfect artefact
And where great secrets and facts lie
Tell me, in between thy thigh
If her majesty would for once
Permit her servant
Be him the first to know of that secret.


I can see the moon tells the star stories
That I have longed sense to hear
I can see the poor and the rich die in a second
Reminding my life as a Mayfly
I can see the good and the bad
Living day in and out
I can with full vibes move forward for things have been planned
To come and remind me of the hard woks done
Nothing under the Sun has been done disgustedly
For the ages to come shall number them
Accounting my deeds shall be easy as ABC
Watching great things unveil
Mirrors our future
As I watch
I can see my days of happiness
Crawl like a tortoise
Reminding me of which way to attend to
Perhaps I am happy
For I will watch my deeds before executing
Such is life
As I watch


Time claims she passes by
Leaving us in different shades
Perhaps for now
Moments have been good
They never stop amazing me
And when my lover finally comes
We shall sit down
And dine for once
Drinking our days of happiness
Reminding ourselves we are made for each other
If there is yet anything I need to know
My lover shall tell me then
Our bed has been laid
And commands are at our doorsteps
And happy for once
We can smile back our hopes and desires
Nature knows full well that we are always there for her
If I can not remember anything at all
Perhaps the moments we shared together should be enough
If I cry, it is for you
My joys you shall swim in
And of all my pains
It is to tell you
How much I love you
If I can for the last time
Perhaps, I would beg the world
To excuse us for a minute
And then I will give you all my all
Love like no other
They might jealous us though
But we live to tell our own success tales
They can call us strange
But with you
An old friend
Natives of the same womb, I connote
And yet when we live the days ahead
It is with joy that I sprinkle this
‘Love like no other’



What is this that I have smelled
Dangling white
Is it a white gold?
What can I compare to this
What have I at my disposal to think off
It is the works I do
The hands I lend
The people I think off
And the happiness I try
Day in and out to print on their faces
If I am alive
This is at least what I can do
Yes, to tell my people I really care about them
Life is all about loving people of different races



I can smell the cool air breeze
They have since sooth my soul like a music
Of all the hope we built together
We live and yet solve our dear problems
We cry and console ourselves
I felt cold
And the best you offered me
Kept me warm
If I ever forget you

Days know full well
You built my love
You even promised to build a paradise
Just for you and I
The wolves came after me
But took to their heels on seeing you
You are Bergamot
Nature can call you awesome
But wait, I am still searching for the right words
I was with the Lexicographer
And he promised to help my heart find the right words
Just to tag you by
You are my rose
If I ever forget you

My memory might be full
Of things you have told me
How you cuddled me to sleep that day
When all friends left me lonely
And finally slept beside me
The night was dark
That all I could see
Was you
But dear
You crystal like nature
Sunned the place
And put the fading moon to shame
And their accomplices
If I ever forget you
No! Not you

Giant Rafflesia Flower

Even the ugly has beauties of their own
Having a satellite of your own
Down in Malaysia and Indonesia and yet unknown
Where the wise might cogitate, and stand aloof
The smallest among them, plays a clone

Your world sees you largest
And even if you grow old
Not one of your brethren shall cold
Reminding you of the abode
Reaching to you the days mould

Even the ugly has beauties of their own
They play and joke and aren’t prone
Where the wise cogitates and rode
Greeting Kings and Queens
The old, happy sorrow

At least, I know you
Yes, down in South East Asia
Yes, South East Asia
If not for anything, rest on ‘King’ Asia
And tell him, he is Acacia