More practices

# More practice Dawn
# We are building some stamina
# I guess you have enough Python ‘under your fingers’
# To move onto learning about how programming really works

print “Lets practice everything.”
print ‘You\’d need to know \’bout escapes with \\ that do newlines and \tabs.’

poem = “””
\tThe lovely world
with logic so firmly planted
cannot discern \nthe needs of love
nor comprehend passion from intuition
and requires an explanation
\n\t\twhere there is none.

print “——————”
print poem
print “——————”

five = 10 – 2 + 3 – 6
print “This should be five: %s” % five

def secret_formula(started):
jelly_beans = started * 500
jars = jelly_beans / 1000
crates = jars / 100
return jelly_beans, jars, crates


start_point = 10000 # Defining the start_point
beans, jars, crates = secret_formula(start_point)

print “With a starting point of: %d” % start_point
print “We’d have %d beans, %d jars, and %d crates.” % (beans, jars, crates)

start_point = start_point / 10 # This format string has a partner already ‘10000’

print “We can also do that this way:”
print “We’d have %d beans, %d jars, and %d crates.” % secret_formula(start_point)

# There is some maths in here
# Obviously the symbols too would count 🙂

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