More practices with functions

# We are doing more practices
# This file on normal day should be run
# We are doing something new
# Doing some more practice and well having fun maybe 🙂


def break_words(stuff):
“””This function will break up words for us.”””
words = stuff.split(‘ ‘)
return words

def sort_words(words):
“””Sorts the words.”””
return sorted(words)

def print_first_word(words):
“””Prints the first word after popping it up.”””
word = words.pop(0)
print word

def print_last_word(words):
“””Prints the last word after popping it off.”””
word = words.pop(-1)
print word

def sort_sentence(sentence):
“””Takes in a full sentence and returns the sorted words.”””
words = break_words(sentence)
return sort_words(words)

def print_first_and_last(sentence):
“””Prints the first and the last words of the sentence.”””
words = break_words(sentence)

def print_first_and_last_sorted(sentence):
“””Sorts the words then prints the first and last one.”””
words = sort_sentence(sentence)

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