More works on Variables

# More printing, printing, printing
# We are adding something new you know
# Here’s some new strange stuff, we’re typing it exactly
# If you really want to write much, use 3 double quotes “””

days = “Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun”
months = “\n\t\nJan\n\tFeb\n\t\fMar\n\tApr\n\t\tMay\n\t\nJun\n\tJul\n\t\vAugust\b\n\aSep” # The use of ‘\n’ brings the word to the second line. As in an enter been pressed.

print “\nHere are the days: “, days
print “\tHere are the months:”, months

print “””
There’s something going on here.
With the three double-quotes.
We’ll be able to type as much as we like.
And that is a good news

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