Bug fixes [Python game]


# There is a bug actually a spelling error.
# In ‘myself.py’ at line 825.
# The answer should be ‘Marcus Aurelius’
# Not ‘Marcus Aurelis’ as indicated in the ‘Hint’ section.
# Well, if you know Marcus Aurelius you would not see this as an error though.
# Unless you’re using the ‘Hint’.

# At line 899 in ‘myself.py, there is more clarity.

# At line 636 in ‘myself.py’, ‘y’ has been added to it. Thus ‘Oprah Winfrey’.

# At line 632, 584 in ‘myself.py’, it’s ‘Confucius’ not Confucuis.
# This won’t affect you that much because the answer is ‘Oprah Winfrey’.

# At line 426 in ‘myself.py’, it should be ‘Socrate’ not Socrates.
# If you didn’t use the ‘Hint’ section, you’re good.
# But if you did, no way. For at ‘Hint’ its ‘Socrates’ while the supposed answer is ‘Socrate’.

# At line 541 and 542 in ‘init.py’, both sentences seems to pull out.
# It’s resolved though when we give line 542 a double tab.

Am I missing something? Have you find some bugs yourself too. Let’s get interactive with the hash-tag #pythongame #cheatgame

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