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Q28g is the latest product from Q-Sat Manufacturers in China. You may have heard of Q23g and Q26g. The only difference is that, the latter can be used to watch Canal Sat too.
Q28g has the potential of operating in digital and satellites mode at the same time. Simply implies that, it opens digital channels as well as the D*tv and Canal Sat too. Surprised? Wait, there is more.
Q28g especially, the Canal Sat option or account has been very stable now a day. This means that where as the D*tv side may go scramble more often or has not SS3 open for viewing, the Canal Sat side can be used as a substitute. The latter has Sport +, Canal Sport, Canal Foot and several others which show all live matches. Though the language is in French, it should not be a big deal though.
Since Q28g is becoming stable, it would relieve the pressure off SS3 on the other side. Many would go for the Q28g for the sports reason. If that be, then it is time to enjoy real intriguing matches. Do not forget it is barely 4 weeks to the start of a new season.
If you do not have a decoder or has an expired account or any problem, you may want to contact me. Until then, enjoy your viewing.

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