‘It is when that the tortoise has the confidence that it pulls its head out’ one adage says. D-tymes Technologies is your number one place to trade in Satellite Products. Is it Q-sat, Multitv, Strong, Canal Sat, Gotv, Dstv, First Digital Plus, J-star among others? Or you want a software upgrade for your decoders and some Avarta, CCcam, Newcam accounts to buy?

  1. D-tymes are noted for affordable prices ever. Ranging from Multitv to First Digital Plus. Their prices are moderate and on top of all, they are negotiable. Just to help you get a digital receiver at a convenient price. You can also come to Terms with them relating to the payment aspects. All to help you get one with ease.
  2. Moving on, customer satisfaction is their priorities. They are just customer friendly. From welcoming you to perfect explanation of the goods you want to buy. You would not get confused. They make you understand the best product to go for with respect to your viewer choices. With what you can afford to your major programmes you love watching. It is all done in a humble manner just because of you.
  3. With respect to after sales services, you do not have to worry. Warranty however varies depending on the product you buy. If it needs be a malfunction in the product, it can be changed for you. Is it signal losses, you are rest assured an Installer would be assigned to you. To make sure that you have it all done well to your satisfaction.
  4. D-tymes Technologies has been in the Satellite business for over 4 yrs. They are still young though but the expertise is still there to talk about. Do not forget that they are because you are. With four years of establishment, you can imagine they have really gone far and treated almost possible hitches that they could face. It is why buying your stocks from them should not be a problem. They know full well how to deal with every bit of ranging situations. There is nothing to worry about.
  5. Finally, ‘www.dvslonline.com’, ‘www.dvslonline.blogspot.com’ is an affiliate of D-tymes Technologies. Have you anything bothering you, any experience with them, any question you want to ask without making a call, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the ‘Have your Say’ section below. With a website and a blog to their name, you could imagine yourself having current information you need to know about digital receivers and satellites as a whole. Whether you need a service or not, just visit here, why, there is always something to read. Something always to make you clear and have that in depth knowledge on what to do

D-tymes Technologies is a place I would recommend strongly to buy your Satellite Decoders and other goods from including dishes, disec switch, LNB’s among others. There is never a harm in trying and believe you me, you would not regret for it.

What are you waiting for?

Kindly scroll up and click on ‘Sat World’ to get in contact now!

D-tymes Technologies, “Beating the time and cost.”

Thank you.

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