“A bunch of broom sticks is difficult to break than a single broom stick” says one school of thought. It is really a good idea if you go for the Q-sat receiver, well done. Nevertheless, it would be best if you add other additional satellites to it.
1. Server Instability is a major factor that has led many to have little fate in Q-sat products. In that ‘Scrambled Channel’ do comes so often. Though this is dependent on the network as well, server plays a deep role in it. Though Engineers can work around it, they cannot stop it definitely from going down a second. The server is dependent on other factors to be stable and run effectively at its best. I would talk more about the server in my subsequent posting. So if you have the little money to afford other satellites like Astra 28.2 E, Eutelsat 16 E, Eutelsat 7, Intelsat 68.5E {all in degrees} among others, it would really help.
2. Many would jump to Qsat for the love of Sporting programmes shown on Dstv and Canal Sat. Nevertheless, if you can install Multi Tv located at Astra 28.2 and have your installer open Tv3 for you, it is a substitute. Tv3 channel in Ghana is noted for Champions League on Wednesday, Europa League on Thursday and the English Premier League on Saturday. They are consistent with that which I can confirm. They do well to show EPL matches preview too on Monday night. It also includes other Sports like Boxing, Racing, Tennis, Swimming and on and forth.
3. Oromia Tv channel do well in sports too. This is located at Eutelsat 16. More often than not, they show the EPL matches on Saturday. As you know, Saturday’s matches are sometimes played at 12 noon or 3pm. Oromia Tv decides which to telecast though. However, Oromia Tv is not a stable channel. This is because it can be removed from that Satellite {Eutelsat 16} without prior notice. They are on and off if I have to say. So if you are an Installer, be careful. Also, Eutelsat 16 has lots of channels, ranging from Movies, Cartoons to News. It is cool though to have it installed for you.
4. For the lovers of Nigeria Movies, you can hopefully get Eutelsat 16 or 7 satellite installed for you too. There is a movie channel. Muvi Africa Unite is a dedicated Nigerian Channel which shows 24/7. The rate of advertisement during programmes is about 3%. Moreover, they have nice movies too. Most of them are family oriented movies. Hardly would you see any explicit content or materials. Either satellites would help you get this channel.
5. Finally, Intelsat 68.5 which mostly show Gospel programmes are highly watched by many too. It is where Emmanuel Tv, Mercy Tv among others are located. Though Emmanuel Tv can be watched at Hotbird 13, it is not guaranteed. If you love One Gospel on Dstv, you would love this satellite too. It has 95% of its channels to be Gospel Programmes. Only some few channels show news and movies.

Have you any other possible satellites you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

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Thank you.

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