‘It’s all down to the weakening of the satellite signal, Avanti say “as it passes through raindrops, fog, heavy cloud cover or high winds”. Avanti, a provider of satellite broadband packages, would tell you if asked. There is Satellite up in the Sky, which receives transmissions from An Earth Station Up Link which then converts it and resends it to an Earth Station Downlink which then distributes to our digital receivers finally. Note that, when there is an interruption, it would probably affect the quality of channels you watch.
1. Multi tv channels in particularly have been hurt so much on these phenomenon. For the past 4 weeks ago, it has been showing ‘Service Unavailable’ on most channels. This became very intense on the night Juventus was playing against Barcelona in EUFA Champions League final on Tv3. As at that time, it was only 4 Kids, and Joy News that was working. Most customers who put their minds on Tv3 were disappointed with their digibox. Even now, some channels do behave so. Fortunately, it does come back. However, when it does happen when you so much need one programme to watch, you can imagine how frustrated you can be. Hopefully, it is not a fault of your own which needs an Installer. It is the insurgency of the rain and wind. When it rains, it makes it difficult for the Satellite in the sky to resend transmissions to the Earth Station downlink, talk less of your receiver catching it. It is experienced not only in Ghana or Africa but Europe too. It is the main reason why Sky Tv and its network use C-band. Though it does affect it also, it may minimise. Mind you, it is not only Service Unavailable.
2. Moreover, you can also face the issue of Bad Signal. This does begins when it looks like there is a scratch in the programme you are watching. For those having good signal qualities, it would have to rain heavy before you can expect anything of that sort. In any case, after the weather is clear, it is supposed to resume. Nonetheless, when it does not, you may have to call your installer to check it for you. It is all due to the transmission of signal through the atmosphere. The worst that can happen is for the dish to be faced with trees or be removed entirely because of the heavy down pour. I will advise installers to be careful when installing dish at places where there are trees. Both users of Qsat, Multitv, Strong among others would face these problems. Though it is less when using a C-band. On the other hand, it does not help people with Ka band since their dishes are very small.
3. Finally, users of Qsat may have double of these. You would agree with me that Q-sat uses a sim card in operation. Since the sim card is network based, the same instance does happen to networks too. Give it a try. Tyr surfing the web whiles it is raining. Whiles Q-sat users may be having bad signal, they would have to wait or contend with ‘Network Connection Success’ which does appears before ‘Welcome to server…’ With those with Wi-Fi, you may experience some difficulties too but not as those with the sim card. Peradventure bundling the data may be worse. Hopefully, this does happens to people using Sim card based receivers to watch Dstv or Canal Sat only. You cannot control this though; you could hopefully wait for the rain to subside in order to continue watching.

In a nutshell, they are the basic problems that you can face during the raining season.
Have you any other possible hitches you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

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Thank you.

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