Baby laying on the tummy

Like mountain Everest

Which knows not how far it has gone

To establish itself as the highest mountain of all

Which shall be remembered until then?

His teacher’s lessons he teach

In and out of the day

Where opinion leaders

Leave not his doorpost until witty sayings they hear

After which he would go and dine with Kings

Enlightening them on the way forward

Which since he has learn from the holy scrolls

Abandoned by many

Who chase the wind and eat dust

Yet to which they are not satisfied

In that repeatedly they try

But to no avail and vanity instead

Ending at where they start

Which yet he would not

And clothing himself with wisdom

Just like the ‘Dawner’

Who sleeps with old and bad

Habits and information

Waking up with new ones like the lily flower

Ever looking fresh

Which would remind him to say?

“If love be a substance, to every person and the taste it would have”

“If wisdom be a cave, only the humbled would go through”

“If anger be a fire, it would not stop smoking the heart that expects always”

“If happiness be a drug, to them that would know bad and yet do good can afford it”

“If death be a woman, only the righteous would be a bachelor for long”