Italian boy imagining contents of book

When James Blunt said “I am dreamer” in Goodbye My Lover

In that all we can do is to simply dream and think out how to make it happen

If dreams be a reason

Purpose would have to be pursued

Like Togbe Kofi

Who has it in the pipeline

To own the largest plantation of farm

Then, not resting, toiling and toiling always

In the winter and summer

Just to accomplish that desire

Setting and breaking boundaries

Which old have fought hard for?

Achieved in long waited hours

Being the driving force

Which Togbe Kofi

Has laid upon until then

He shall and always employ the best at its best

Sleeping and waking up where necessary

To toil and toil for the days to come

Yes, for his good works

Togbe Kumlor would add some land to his

Where Efo Kodzo would not lie

It shall be added too

And then, they all shall make it the largest

Yes, I know

Oh, Togbe Kofi

Indeed, dreamers never sleep

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