Although Qsat has offered enough to suffice our desire for Dstv, Canal Sat among others, there is still some pros and cons about it.


  1. Firstly, Qsat is the cheapest way to watch Canal Sat or Dstv in Africa. This is because one can view the full Premium channels in the case of Dstv and Canal Plus full channels too. You can get the decoder only around GHC340 thereabout. Whiles the full set can cost GHC400. The interesting thing is that you don’t pay any extra cost after installation. You begin to watch full Dstv premium channels for 1 yr free after which you load an account on it again.
  2. Moreover, it has the highest sale in Africa. This is because of the Dstv monopoly and somewhat Canal Sat. So if you want to deal in it, it is a cool choice. Many Ghanaians and Nigerians and some African countries ejoy using it. Implying the demand is very high. Nevertheless, be careful when you want to be a dealer. As there are some fake ones among them. Or probably some hitches after importing or buying them like no account on them and just to mention a few.
  3. Also, Qsat is fond of releasing software to ease the hitches that dealers and customers face alike. Interestingly, they have every in mind. They do well to provide software for older models like q11, q11+, q 13 and just as you can think off. Though the company or producers cannot guarantee how long they would stay in the business, they have in any case established themselves very well. Having a website, many productions, and more dealers in Africa and across, you can be rest assured they may solve your problem. One thing to is that, there is always a solution to whatever hitch a customer may face. So you can imagine yourself not having a problem at all. Though the server can let many down as it happened back some 4 to 5 months ago, which let many to demand for Beinsport; it can be managed after all.
  4. In addition to that, Qsat is the only receiver as of the time of writing this article currently opening Dstv and Canal Sat channels. All other dongles Receivers like Zoro Box and just to mention a few including dongles like Azsky are off. There is a server problem. I hope to update you as they begin to function.


  1. To set the ball rolling, there is no service centre for Qsat decoder repairs. As in the board or any other parts getting spoilt. There is no accredited centre for services of such decoders. Nevertheless, depending on the problem, it may be solved by either using software or someone electronic minded to do it for you. In this case, you do it at your own risk. So be careful whiles using it.
  2. It can be boring sometimes using Qsat. In that it can go scramble when at a pivotal point of some movie or sporting event. It once happened to me. I was watching Chelsea vs. Manchester City in the FA Cup semi- finals last two years ago. It so happened that when Fernando Torres was about to score, it went scramble. After everything has calmed down, it began working again. The same thing when I was watching one Nigerian Movie on Africa Magic, suspense was very high and in no time, scrambled channel came again. It does happen so often as if it has been programmed to behave so.
  3. Qsat, either 11g, 15g, or 28g, all are controlled by servers and network. In this vain, no one fellow can guarantee how long it would take to be stable and not see anything like scramble. Even the manufacturers themselves have no definite power over the server as it is alternated from different sources. One thing for sure is that, they it can be made stable but for how long is not guaranteed.

So you see, whenever you want to buy Qsat, do consider these options. Nevertheless, it is a good product on the average.

Have you any other possible facts you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.

Thank you.


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