Q28g is the latest Qsat product produced by Shenzhen JCL Technology Co., Ltd in China. It comes with awesome features to add more beef to the Q26g.

  1. It has 2 accounts embedded in it. One for Dstv and Canals sat. Also it is T2 enabled. This means that you can watch Terrestrial channels free on it too. The digital channels can be viewed in addition to your satellite channels.
  2. Hopefully it comes with 1 year free account for both Dstv and Canal sat. It starts counting down from the day you connect to server. Thus, the number of days.
  3. It does not need an USB Modem, Ethernet Cable or Wi-Fi before it kicks start. You can use your normal Sim card for it. Nevertheless, the latter is not a must.
  4. It does support cccam, new cam and avatar cam. So hopefully if you have any of these, you can try them on it.
  5. It has only 1 HDMI port, 2 USB slots, 1 Ethernet input, 1 RCA {YPbPr/CVBS/AL/AR} these are for the video side where the three pins do go, it also has a CA card slot, Sim slot, and then RS232 input too.
  6. For the lovers of surfing the web, you can hopefully watch YouTube, You porn
  7. It supports Google Map
  8. It also supports Yahoo Weather
  9. For the lovers of Selfies among others, it has Picasa and Yupoo
  10. Finally, you can play an N32 game on it. The Nintendo type.

So you see, the new Q28g is really going to suffice everyone need. Hope you will enjoy it.

Have you any other possible reasons you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

To contact me, visit the Contact Us page.

Thank you.

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