D-TECH VENTURES  60 x 60 inches flexy (1 copy)

“It is only the hunter who knows what actually happens in the forest” one school of thought claims. Installers generally have a way of relating to a customer. Depending on so many factors like experiences, motive, mood among others. However, there are 7 things they would wish you do not know yet.

  1. Installers are profit conscious. In cases where you have to buy a particular good, there are of course same goods on the market but different prices. They are all in any case substitutes. For instance a Disec switch. One store will sell it at GHC 20.00 whiles another store may sell it at GHC 25.00. The fact is that one store too may actually sell it at GHC 10.00. In this case the installer would prefer to mention or refer you to the store which sells it at GHC 25.00. And when you do know where it can be sold at GHC 20.00, he tells you it is not of a good quality.
  2. It is a natural phenomenon to always want to work with different people in as much you keep your old customers. They sometimes when called upon to solve a particular problem would notice a different one which may begin to show up some few weeks later or months. When he is through with the required work called upon. He would not tell you of the upcoming one which could be easily prevented fully or at a low-cost. The assumption is that different work, different charge. So he would probably not give you his expert advice on making that problem dissolve. Instead for another day.
  3. Installers do not want to be questioned much. Yes, that is the fact. He wants you to just relax and watch what he does. Not complaining, commenting, or questioning. Sometimes it looks like you want to bite more than you can chew. So he might not like it definitely.
  4. In some cases, like signal loses, you would probably not want to pay much after a heavy cost in first time installation. Depending on the installer, he can choose to charge you high though the work required to be done are minimal. Peradventure the coaxial cable running from the dish to your decoder has removed from the connector. So it shows bad or no signal. As a lame man, you would think it is from the dish. Probably because a wind blew heavy yesterday before the rain began. So when you call him, since very experienced, he can detect where the problem is coming from with just some few checking not necessarily touching the dish. If it happens so you would prefer paying him small which he would not like. To end all those dramas, he would climb up, temper with the dish for about 30 minutes whiles asking you to check for signal quality. Come in and run some settings from the menu for about 10 minutes and then finally re-fix the coaxial cable which removed from the decoder’s back. Just to make sure he has done some really good work meanwhile he could actually do that on coming. So you see you may be compelled to pay high after the whole process meanwhile a little could have been ok.
  5. Installers like to really convince customers that they know best in their field. For instance telling you that he can install 4 LNB’s on one dish. Installing over 100 channels for you which are Free to Air {FTA} among others. Generally, a good installer should know how to convince a customer who may not be willing to buy or do so after all. If you ask a Marketing Student, you will hear “business strategy”. Where as you may not be ready to get a particular work done today, for persuasion, you would obviously. This is one of the techniques they employ.
  6. Charging based on statue or wealthy nature. I know this is not fair. Nevertheless, when an installer finds out that you have enough money on you, he will be tempted to give you high prices of things definitely you are not aware when needs buying. Or even the cost for installation, signal lost among others, he will probably charge you high if it reminds him that you have bunch. Vice-versa when you are not all that rich, he may consider and give you moderate prices for your statue sakes.
  7. Finally, though very bad on their side, you could imagine yourself calling them every two weeks or a month after a new installation has been done. Sometimes, an installer may not render to you a professional service. In that, he does a shoddy work after all. It means that peradventure allowing the bolt and nuts holding the angle bar to be loose behind the dish, using few nails to hold the stand, giving you a low signal quality among others. These obviously mean you have to call them back after a month because it has not been done well. If you are not lucky, you would be charged high to see them do it for you again. The worst of all is that the trend may continue in that after 3 or 4 months you have to call them again, why, there is a heavy downpour of rain.


Have you any other possible reasons you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.


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Thank you.

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