D-TECH VENTURES  60 x 60 inches flexy (1 copy)

“How does the whole Satellite Installation process look like? Why cannot I install one myself?”Satellite dish installation is a tedious task in any way. This is not saying you cannot install one. However there are five basics things you need to know before going for an installation.

1. Have the required tools like the spanner, screw drivers, pliers among others and materials like the nails, black tape, LNB connectors and just to mention a few.

2. Know the satellite you want to track and the Transponder Frequency including the Symbol Rate. Every satellite and the direction the dish must face. Basically they are East and West. Also to determine whether you are facing the East or the West, you can hopefully look at similar dish positions around the area you are but it is not guaranteed as one may face the West whiles you want to track from the East. You may get confused in this case. So I will advise you use the ‘Shadow Factor’. I discovered this personally on my own. When it is in the morning before noon and your shadow is on the left side, it implies that your right side is the East. When it is after noon and the shadow is on the right side, it implies East is on you right. Very simple.

3. Now you have the required tools and materials for the job, you know what satellite you are tracking, the next thing is to ask yourself if you want to use a Spectrum Analyzer or ask the Customer to watch for you. Definitely you will need one of them. Nevertheless the easiest way is to get a Spectrum Analyzer or a Satellite Finder. If the customer would have to do it for you, then he or she has to pay much attention to it.

4. Before nailing the dish stand, you should make sure it is nowhere branches of trees, ropes or lines interferences at they may block signal. They are major factors in that you can spend many hours on tracking signal if you do not have a clear atmosphere to deal with.

5. Finally, with the entire above mentioned in place, you are going to do the real job. Thus, tracking signal. This is what makes it an installation in most of the installers’ eyes. Do not be in haste when tracking even if you are ‘grand master’. Relax but pay as much as focus, 100% if you can. I tell you, it may be difficult. Nevertheless, you can. I wish you best of luck.

Have you any other possible steps you think I have left behind; want to ask any question, you can hopefully state it below in the ‘Have your say’ section.

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