By: Lin Collins

Is it that the Germans do not want to give birth or it is just hard doing it?

I was at BBC and this news caught my eyes from their site: Germany passes Japan to have world’s lowest birth rate – study. A whole lot of males and females indeed are in Germany. Nevertheless with these studies, it implies that, there is something hindering Germans on giving birth. This puzzles me myself.

Mr’s. Merkel’s Government I am very sure have been putting efforts relentlessly to curb this phenomenon, nevertheless it seems it is just not yielding much in the country. Some improvements on childcare support are one of the ways indeed. I think in any case that more investment has to go down in that lane instead. Already there are efforts, however, they contribute less. For this study comes amidst the support and investment on childcare support in the country.

Going forward, it would imply as you already know, more immigrants pushing towards those vacancies that may be left by the aging population. Yes, and if they would have any other alternative, then probably it would mean increase in high wage. Employers would have to pay much to secure services of those currently on the labour market. Perhaps monopoly would reign in field where there are inadequate specialized labours.

However, they could just make it easy for Africans with the requisite cognizance needed in a particular field to come down. Africa is noted for having higher birth rate in the whole world especially Niger. I believe blacks can do equally what the white would do and even does it better. We are talking about knowledge here so it does not matter. If Germans can make it some lucrative for Africans to fly down there, I think it would help in one way or the other. In addition to this, it would probably reduce the high cost of labour. For there would be sufficient or just surplus which would do some assistance or undertake learning in other needed fields in their economy.

Moreover, the Germans could continually revise on ways other countries like Ghana, not Niger necessarily deal with birth rate. Obviously what leads to sufficient labour on the jobs? And even some not unemployed, just to study what other countries are doing so as to do them if possible. There is no harm in trying though. Ghana for instance is not having any issue with the active working force in the country. I believe wisdom lies not in one head.

Continuing, legislation could work possibly. Making it attractive for parents to give birth would in some years to come help also. Perhaps, the government could say it would sponsor 2 of every 5 children born in a family through to University. Or just some way to increase the rate at which mothers gives birth. It can also be done such that a family would pay more tax on having children below 3. It would either cushion the parents to give birth more to gain some sponsorship for their children or have some other alternatives. It could work possibly.

In a nutshell, Germany is one of the countries whose economy is good to write home about. Nevertheless, if the issue of low birth rate continues it would rescind them indeed. Considering options like more immigrants especially Ghanaians, seeking knowledge wise ways and alternatives from Africa countries, the use of legislation could help in my candid opinion. Or would they probably look at the average man who can give birth?

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