That so many things needs doing Which I paid less attention to until it happened So fast nearly breaking down brave hearts Which for years has been built To maintain and contain All that could possibly be Now or later deeds Holding no one responsible than myself It all never seems right, and then there is a question If ever I know that questions should be ask before tempting solutions I would have built my house in tin air Where it hardly recognizes itself Yes, little did I know what to do Than it all happened at once Continue reading IF EVER I KNOW


Oh, humble friend, whose works are but not limited to that which the eyes sees In great depth and beyond what the ears can hear Which ages has not been, yet your good fellow seeks In haste and as chasing the winds here Bad as it could be to hear Which often leads to your early journey Taken on afar and not near Like reversing a key Which is as but would not be compared to a drunk cup of coffee Continue reading EXODUS OF HUMBLE TRAVELLER