Where the great and villains

Mighty swords and shield of Spartacus days

Which would fight present wars like the Greek?

Friends of ‘Cuntator’

And would later change minds and hearts

Into something new and adorable

Pleasant to the minds yet not deep into the hearts

There, there, just right there


If ever the brave would think of moving

Considering their might and power

To conquer the invisibles

Which waits for the immortals to sound the trumpet?

To note the initiation of yet another group ready for battle

With swords of words

Deep and insightful contents like shields

Would fall to fate?


From the East to the West

Ranging from fire to lake of fires

Hotter than the word itself


If it is in the Polar Regions

I dine with frozen weathers

Where it pains like truth to let out

Few yet faithful to gather at a time


If the eyes have seen something

Wait, it is a beginning of a new chapter

Yes, I know

Nevertheless, not much could be done

Than the rolling of truth

No compromising

Yes! Forward Dvsl,


Hail you live forever!!!

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