Like days of my friend Noah

When we built the ark together

Never needing a sailor

Or Master to direct the ship


Or better still a captain

Where humanity of our time would not just heed to instructions

My close friend Ecclesiastes would tell you

There is time for everything

Of course there is

Especially to the king’s heart

Which lies in the hands of the creator like a river?

And what about me the pauper

Sleeping and waking up with it

Means it not that I have to slumber

I would only remember the words of my good friend

Who will dine with Queen of Beersheba

That surely a wise fellow would grow in seed-time

You know the end to that story

If to them who has the ears would not listen

Hmm, I guess those with none

Would maybe listen with cork ears

Yes, I know

For how long possible

If strive always, I may be met by time

To quicken things up

To give me rest

Until then or?

Poverty would steal me like a thief

Oh, not so nice

Is it?

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