To the things I heard I did

This was not supposed to be encouraging

Or? No! Encouraging instead

Which could not yet be this time around, or always?

For the law of vibration

In that I can, some utensils

Like a silver

Wash them to become finally

If you ask my brother

“Do not wash your dirty linens in public”

Which I am yet to do however

Though in private

As to avoid the public after all

If ever to look back

To things tagged shame

Tagged beauty

Needs no wandering to what I would do

For the forward need a building block from behind

Which could be done best from behind, block?

Wait a minute, what if not?

The building may dangle and finally fall on my head

My future so shut

The past so dim

If ever I look back

To the things recorded by scenes and nature

To re-write my story

Which someday my Maths teacher would ask off

And finally get punished by the religious tutor

I could just image myself

As the future walked becomes past

To repair the way indeed

If it’s a rough road

To do some gravels and quota

Yes, to make it the most street travelled by

Yes, I know

Just someday

If ever I could look back.

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