Where day and night reins

Even that since the days of old

Humanity can expect nothing than changes in life

The Magnificent Moon slowly walks

Believing by daybreak

Would have crossed the sky

If only humanity needs

Get this correct

That there is no end to striving for what it wants

For one economist would tell you “human wants are unlimited”

And that is why man needs not to stop

Fighting for the passion

Like a fish, would not resist the drop of water

It is not hard getting frustrated; neither is it easy, keeping up with focus

As time flies

It is just as good as changing momentum

When you finally see the snail walk slowly

Ask in a golden voice

“Would you ever walk like this?”

If it has the opportunity to answer

“There is no haste in life”

It would not imply that you have to slumber in bed

As you keep focus in life, take it slowly


The more you climb, the slower you have to

In that,

As time fliesour life

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