When waves and tides tear my heart Promising me no end to my worries Which ages has dealt blow to my heart with In tons of cartoons You were there rightly To dry my falling tears My dying heart Which has longed for you since? The day you were born The first star and moon to appear in the night The dazzling sun in the day You are my left hand For which duel with the right Day and night Your… View On WordPress Continue reading OH MY LOVE.


THE DREAMS WE DREAM In our secret places Indoors and Outdoors In the midst of our tiredness Depression and bad times Blissful and unforgettable moments Which we assume happens ones in a lifetime So as to celebrate it so much Like a bouncing baby boy So much longed for All is but can be a flash Like a lightning thunder This may either shock or relax us When our plans are made Which is now left to fate to justify? Imp… View On WordPress Continue reading THE DREAMS WE DREAM


WALKING BACK AND FORTH Those loyal have been Since the cutting of the sods Which was done back some years ago When I was yet to open my eyes To see the realities of life Which has dawn many to succumb to fate? Which know neither the weak nor the strong? As my friend Ecclesiastes would remind me in his 9th Chapter In the days where might and power could reign Years after years dominating humanity Which I am yet part of View On WordPress Continue reading WALKING BACK AND FORTH