How To Make Her Die For You

By: Ashong David


It is not about sending her to expensive restaurants, hotels or some other prestigious places. Showering her with a thousand dollar gifts and compliments are just like the latter. Exhibiting your manliness in-front of other guys would only make her hiss and that’s all. But if you consider the following 5 measures, she will treat you like a Prince. Sounds funny huh?

1. Make yourself simple; if you are employed, fair enough, it is good. If you are not also, it affects nothing. Relationship is built on trust and been real alone means you can be trusted. It pays to hide your identity. Some ladies can fake love and when you play someone else, it is very easy for their plans to work. However, if you explain things to her as they are on the ground, she can either choose to leave or be with you. The best times to experience with true love is when you are unemployed. True lovers would stay with you when in difficult moments. It does not mean that when rich you cannot. No. It is very simple, disguise yourself as one of the commoners and make the approach. Make her know that you are unemployed and not of a higher educational background when she asks. Be cool and relax when with her. When she loves you for who you are and not what you have, it is the best. Do not things that would impress her and never be jealous of her, less you would be teaching her how to harm you. Some guys would treat a lady like a Princess. I tell you, don’t. The idea should not even perch on your mind. If you do, she would treat you like a commoner. Be yourself even if she surprises you or angers you, if you have got to show it, do it. In any case you are hurting yourself when you don’t.

2. Make her know your principles; Times that she does what you do not like, tell her in a polite manner. When you hear a thing about her, ask her personally. When she asks for a pardon, forgive her and do not recount any of the issues thereafter. If ever there is any lifestyle she has and you think it is bad, tell her. Be like a moral guardian to her and in as much as you want her to respect you, respect her also. If for nothing, she will always remember the truth you tell her when the wrong doe’s. You cannot always be right so accept your mistakes when she does tell you too. Make her understand if that is the problem. Ladies like guys who are unique in everything or what they so much desire in. If you have to be that guy, I guess you to behave as such. If a girl claims she loves you and not ready to die for you, then it is lust. Do not play games with her. No! It never benefits man. If she cares to know about your personality, tell her in plain facts and language. Ladies wants to move with real guys who they can trust. If only you can stick to your own rules, it alone tells them, you can be trusted.

3. The Communication Factor; if you spend 10 hours with her over the phone, reduce this then. Reduce the moments you spend with her. Do everything possible to make her miss you. Do not always stay in touch with her as you used to and when you least do, do not flatter her but tell her things makes you love her so much. Cracks some jokes with her. Tease her often and when she said she does not like it, don’t give an ear to that. She really likes it anyway. You can tell her sweet words and always make sure that you have something special. Do not apologize often when she thinks you have done something wrong. Show some appreciation when she puts her efforts in doing something for you. If you do the calling, chats meeting every day, surely she is not going to miss you. Yeah. You should not in any way tempt her to see her reactions. She may pass though but it isn’t what it is.

4. Avoiding the blame game; No relationship is smooth. It is built like home, one step and then another. It all begins smoothly, has some hampering factors upfront until fate decides to the end. Whenever something goes wrong, do not argue or blame her but instead see how best things can be worked out again. Always share responsibilities and make new moves or plans from the past. It should only serve as a deterrent or yardstick in any case. Always sort out your differences within the shortest possible time and move on. After all, such is life and its concomitants. Not much can be done than that. Take her as she is and be genuine with her. She cannot be 100% as you think she should be so take a good look at something’s. They help. No one human being is perfect.

5. The Emotional Factor; if possible, always make sure that there is some physical contacts when you two meet together. Do not always have sex when you two are alone but sometimes. This is because the atmosphere counts a lot. For one like this, before engaging into romance, I have some cool music on the background, some blue lights and cool temperature. Do not rush into having sex with her, no. Do some foreplay for about 30 or 45 minutes by which time she would be wet. The kissing, fondling and mooching should take some time and then she would be at her emotional peak. Then you can go into her. Use the sex positions that would hit her G-spot. I tell you, after everything, she would always long for more so make sure you are always there to give it to her. When you satisfy her as she wants, coupled with the measures above, you a like a Prince to her. You are sure to be the best man on the planet. You would just be a different guy to her among the ones she knows. I tell you are going to be on her mind always.

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