How To Make A Good Leader And Some Basic Qualities

By: Ashong David

You might have heard some thousands and one definitions about who a leader is. Apparently some qualities a leader should have. Do not forget that a leader is a servant and a smart thinker. A leader is not only able to see into the future but directs presents day works towards the years unborn. A basic quality like not self-centered is required. I will walk you through 5 paragraphs below explaining how to make a good leader and some basic qualities.
1. You should have the intuitive sense and capability to differentiate between selfish views and group views; More often than not, because you do not want to be seen as selfish, you tend to accept some other opinions. It is good to do this nevertheless not all views or suggestions would in the long run help the group. I tell you some members put their interest first and whiles been optimistic, would only benefits accrue to them. Some views maybe selfish in disguise. It is the main reason why you need to reason wide and fast. As the law of cause and effects, there is a reason behind every suggestion given by a follower

2. You should be broad-minded and always ahead; to be a leader as the word connotes means been ahead. The members or followers see you as their light and pathfinder. As a leader, you should always stay on top of information and strategies. This will make you confident in addressing or laying out a plan. Your followers would build more trust in you and are safe in all spheres. When they take a step, yours should be 3 or more of that. It is important for you to read wide and do more research in relation to strategies that can facilitate your ambitions. In light of this, you should be able to sieve through the chaff and make concrete facts available when initializing a plan. Always work with facts though risk taking also helps.

3. Sacrifice and not easily intimidated; Even if it is your last food you are about to take, sharing it with the followers who are hungry is a plus. Whether odd times or not, you should be able to respond to their calls and execute plans when needed. It is not always that things would be done conveniently, now. Be ready for times you would have to squeeze yourself and hope you were not even a leader. Never mind anyway, they are times meant to prove and strengthen you undoubtedly. Times, People and Circumstances would surely change. It is why you should stand grounds and not be move swiftly by them. Focus is needed if you want to achieve goals and set targets. Whether big or small moments, you should be able to stir them to suit the group inevitably. If you are able to stand pressure and circumstances from within, it is a stepping stone to the outside world. If you are easily downhearted, work on it. Be able to give all your best at all times.

4. Avoiding the blame game; No mountain is smooth to climb. Errors are bound to happen. Plans execution may be delayed by a single individual. Nevertheless, it does not call for a blame game. For doing this does not help now or sometime later. It is about finding lasting solutions and resolutions to problems encountered. The more blame you lay on someone the less productive the person becomes. Instead, share it as a collective thing and work towards it. No one individual interest matters than the group.

5. Be like an active follower; don’t misunderstand me anyway. In order for you to be able to see reasons in what others say also, you don’t have to see yourself as the leader and as such all wisdom’s in your archive. It is what has drawn many people backwards. You should be able to listen to followers who you think are smarter or smarter than you. In as much as you have the group at heart, you should be able to make do all possible means that would gear towards the achievements of collective interests. Mind you, not all your ways or suggestions would be right. It is in this light that listening and considering other followers opinions should be the stand point. Wisdom resides not in one fellows head. However, it does not mean also that, leaving all matters to be catered for by them. In as much as there would be some differences, possible means should be set out in order that you would be on track. It is very important to note that, it is somewhere or thing that you want to achieve and as such, all other hampering instances should be treated fairly.

Thousands and one qualities should be seen in a leader, nevertheless, some basics are a must.

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