How To Tap Into The Invisible World Of Energy

By: Ashong David


It is very simple to imagine yourself 20, 50, 100 years from now in as much as your plans profits you. It all depends on how you handle and treat circumstances around you. If you see them as they are, it is different from when you see them as a stepping stone to ‘there’. In 4 paragraphs, I will elaborate on how this could be done.

1. The Focus phenomenon: It is very important for you note that great men and women who ever lived and still alive made it all through a focused mindset. Being focus depends solely on what you engage yourself in, what you say, believe and see yourself with. All these things affect the way you go about your vision and the years unborn. No matter where and what you engage yourself in, make sure that they are in tune with your set goals and targets. Never divert one moment and when you stay focus, you can be able to see clearly the years to come and layout.

2. The Self Phenomenon: The fact you come from a wealthy home does not guarantee that 1000 years to come surely you are going to remain so neither been poor counts. Do not see yourself as you are and surely you can see your future self clearly. It is then that you can reason beyond your present self for a moment. What happens to you now or what you evolve yourself around should not intimidate you left nor right. Be real for short and do not forget that The Law Of Vibration is in effect in as much as The Law Of Relativity.

3. The Hopeful Factor: Never in anyway degrade yourself and compare yourself with people who are ‘higher’ than you. In this way, you can believe in yourself and ‘stand’ firm in instances. It is no good to rush because everything has a gestation period. Things can be done right-away but some can be done later. You are different from others and as the ‘heart’ to venture into this or that differs from theirs too.

4. The Master Planner: It is good to reason with others but nor for them to decide for you. You can agree with them on certain issues but it does not connote they drive the boat. You should be able to make some decisions on your own after a thorough investigation. Before making a move, know the inside and outside of it perfectly. The inside would mean the benefits you can get whiles the outside means the stumbling blocks. Reason wide and see opportunity in everything that you engage yourself in.

Being Focused, halting Inferiority Complex, Building on the Hopeful Factor and being in the driving seat, would make it possible for you to imagine yourself 20, 100, 1000 years from now. They have been tried, tested and proven to work.

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