Dynamics Of Life

By: Ashong David

It is for no reason than the different objectives that needs fulfilling why ‘human’ is no equal to the other. When this is finally established, where do we head to next? The dreams too much, the plans so wide and our desires never stopping a bit, flowing from our mouths. The time has come and is now where humanity must know and understand the very purpose why to ‘exist’ opted instead.

The one-thing you do not have to forget is that a thousand milestone journey begins with a single step. There are thousands and one ways where one can be able to identify his or her purpose for existing, nevertheless, not all can be trusted. Among the ways are; the revelation from God, the use of the internet, Soothsayers, your intuitive senses, from the human perspectives.

The best so ever is the revelation from God and the use of the internet. Believe you me, God’s own is the best as the internet is 90% accurate. You can visit http://www.numerology.com, http://www.kalabarians.com or birthstones.me
They are quiet helpful and can make you certain for once. The Revelation from God are exhibited through dreams, prophets and ‘real’ Servants of God.

Here lies the case, you now know what you are asked to do here on earth. Let us take a step further. How is all going to start? What needs to be understood and how should situations be handled? It is good to learn, yes, nevertheless, some are a must. The fact that you live in this universe means you have to know the laws governing it. Make some research on the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe and be acquaint with them. They are basics you have to accept. Do not forget that Bill Gate, the most richest man and former CEO of Microsoft Co-operation, tapped into the Law of Perpetual Transmutation to exhibit this plan; someday, there would be Personal Computers which would need an Operating system each.

I do not believe in the ‘right’ time but the requisite cognizance and patience needed in a particular field. If you think the right time would come, it may make you relax and indulge in other activities that would be totally different from your set goals and visions. It is the main reason why you have to set a vision; 20 years to come, 50 years to come, 100 years to come, where do you want to see yourself? What do you want to put in place by then? They are what would make you stand firm and guard. It all needs patience and the requisite cognizance. Believe in God and believe in yourself that you can and so shall it be.

Nothing that last forever comes so easy to achieve. Life knows no rush and people who do so by pass ‘their’ opportunities that can be counted upon. Wealth, Beauty and Fame are in disguise and if you play cool, are a brother to them.

Life changes and it is the main reason why you should not be static in what ever you do. If being a Gospel musician is what God wants you to be, engage yourself in writing music, rehearsing famous Gospel Musicians, acting like one, listening and singing even at odd times. All this should be done diligently and no rush to make money out of it. When you begin to solve one problem or provide a value for which reason you should accrue money from what you are doing, so shall it be. You don’t have to chase money but it must to you.

Whatsoever that you do, remember the Lord your God. (Exodus 23:25 KJV)

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Thank you.

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