Life has evolved such that we need someone in our daily lives. So I say that we are not independent. We can choose to move forward or backwards, we always surely going to need someone in that corner or that corner. The most dangerous aspect is that they tend to make so much of our ‘equations’. When they are subtracted from the view point, it is then we ‘smell pepper’. The one thing about life is that unless we are faced with realities and raw mannerisms, we don’t know what is in it.
I will give you three different instances before I set the ball rolling. You go to church and the Pastor preaches and teaches the word of God. Before then he tends to bring some worship song and then raises his heads up to worship God. You stand there enjoying it, something tells you to raise your hand and sing out loud. Been in the spirit is what you thought to be the best. You can afford nothing more than raise your hands up and sing along. All of a sudden, you remember that you have your girlfriend whom you came with dressed beautifully in as much as you have you nice suits on. Finally, you feel reluctant doing those things that you have loved to do. You watched you colleagues whom you came with, those sitting and standing by you, those new chicks you are yet dilating your eyes for, new buddies whom think you that you would not come to church. Those friends of yours whom you once did bad things with, then you tell yourself, no I can’t.

A new day has come and everybody is in school. Class is in section and then the teacher asks a question. You know the answer full well but would not say it. You turn round and saw that beautiful girl sitting beside you. Your guys are already behind you. That brilliant girl is sitting in front of the row and everybody seems not to know the answer. You are very sure that you know it, yes, and you really know the answer. Nevertheless, you don’t want to. Better still it is entertainment segment, and everybody seems to be dancing happily. You know the new moves in the dance portrayed, you don’t want to. You look at your crews and you relax.

You wake up yet another day and there is food to eat. You thought of looking for a job but for what to eat and wear, it is no big deal. For some little monies you need for some stuff, you can have them from your brother. You eat, bath and sleep all day long. You thought of engaging yourself in some business venture but for your brother, you have relaxed for all that you would go looking for, he has. Your dad and mom are always ready t o give you their best. You reason for which you boycott any outings that may earn you some money.

Wows…take a look at the instances described above. You can choose to read over them again but mind you, there is always one similar thing ‘the factor domino’. In each case, there is someone who comes into the ‘equation’ to make it more palatable and comfortable indeed. You either consider this or that. Forgetting about what you want yourself or intended to do, you concentrate on other matters (factor domino). This makes you who you are not. Let us figure out some example here; you thought you promised yourself that you can hopefully do things that you planed of doing. You say yes and it is and not any, it remains as it is. With respect to the church issue, you would probably be underlying some factors which can hamper your ways of doing things. When sorted out, you are a free man. Although you feel brave enough and can decide on issues majestically, this time around you were not able to. In the case of being at home, it sounds not clear but plain in the eyes. Here, you tend to make your brother the ‘your soul saver’ in all matters. He does that for you and always seems to be there. When and when you need something, surely needs asking.
Take a good look at all circumstances very well and tell me what rings in your head. You would realise that it is someone who is ‘preventing’ you from doing this or that. It is what I call the factor domino. It works in everybody lives. That is the fact. I have some factors, you have and everybody has one.
The dangerous thing is for the factor to make more than half of your equation true. In most cases, because of the presence of those factors, we think to ourselves that our ‘equation’ is true. Meanwhile it is false in that without those factors we are not who really we are. Just imagine a world where your brother tends not to help or be in a good position to help you. And your dad or mom, not ready to help? How would life be for you? How would the taste be? Can you boast and stand on your own. It is good to eliminate all forms of involvements in life. It is then that we could tell that we are this or that.
If you really think you are who you are, then boldly go about your normal duties both at church, school, office among others. And then when you are not able to, it means that you are totally different from what you have in mind. I am not saying don’t ask Dad or Mom for money or thing s that would help you. No! What I say is this, until you decrease the space acquired by the ‘factor domino’, you are totally different. It is best when you know that you can be ‘independent’. Yes, just good to know.
Examine all other aspects in your life and tell me if you are who are really who you are.
Get this and every Monday’s Special. It is all for you and how to shape your character. Don’t miss it for there is something special for you. It is your life and mine as well. I care so much about you and can’t just stop till you grow better always. I love you all.
-Lin Collins

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