the power of assumptions
‘Would the Sun shine today? Oh, hell. I would have to go then’. ‘Ouch, Did I just hear someone knock? Maybe he is in already’. These are all forms of assumptions. They have been there for ages and slowed down the pace at which you should move forward. Are you wandering how? I will tell you.

The main reason why the thought of sitting or standing before reading this is because you know full well that posture is necessary. It is the same that which applies to the various effects that can come upon you in pursuing one interest. It is important to make provisions for both sides. I mean, assume both good and bad. Then balance them absolutely. I quiet remember just recently, I was having enough money. The one thing is that I thought I can hopefully make some the next day and the fact is that, it might have been true. The assumption I made was that, Dave, spend the money you have today on the clothes you want to buy and hopefully by tomorrow you can make some money more for yourself. The other assumption I failed to make was that tomorrow may come and it would not come to pass. I hastily went ahead and spend the money I have on me and thinking that tomorrow would give me a replacement. It was not guaranteed though but I knew it could be true. Tomorrow came and I have to regret for that. Assuming I was able to balance them, though I would spend, not much so as to leave me with none.

In as much as you have made up your mind to assume some and land yourself in a particular position, know what you want to gain from there. If you assume that the rain is going to pour down, what do you want to extricate from this assumption. Is it for assumptions sake, because you have a place to go, a place to tidy up after all? It all depends on what and what you want definitely. The content is much needed too. This is, if either it would benefit you now or sometime later. Ask yourself if the assumption you have put forward is going to help in anyway shape your set goals and targets. In as much as you balance them, be certain that at least it can help build or rejuvenate something in you. If not, you are surely going to regret for it.

In times of balancing, you should know where the striking force should lie. This makes for a better understanding and proper scrutiny. Understand the good and bad assumptions and choose from within. Such is life and its concomitants.
It is all very vital in all angles from which you may look at it from. When you have striking force, you can decide on one thing easily and leave the other. Developing this striking force is very simple; be firm in your decision and know the in and out of what you are going for. Understand each implication and align them with your goals.

In developing a positive self attitude, you can easily work on good assumptions and see the way forward. Positive attitude entails a lot. It is about making that lovely mood and been able to watch it legally follow one after another. I tell you the fact, your face and heart proclaim what assumption you could have. The putting g on a nice smile and see if a bad assumption would crop up into you’re heard. It is when that you have a smiling heart and kind heart that you will think about sketching good assumptions.

Whenever you make any bad assumption, you should be able to see the good side of it.
This will make possible some ways for assurance for the future. It is good to make some moves in life, yes, since life has two sides just like a coin, you ought to know the side you are or want to be. I am not saying do not assume bad things, no, you can. In fact it helps; it makes you see the other side of the coin for which reason you would have to work towards too. It is essential. If you assume that someday you would become a President, the actions and intuitive characters should show in diverse ways. The same way if you assume that you can be caught one day on something that you are into illegally, be sure you make provisions for that also. Assuming this or that is to happen, how would you take it deal with it? How would you approach it or them?

Get this and every Monday’s Special. It is all for you and how to shape your character. Don’t miss it for there is something special for you. It is your life and mine as well. I care so much about you and can’t just stop till you grow better always. I love you all.
-Lin Collins

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