Has it caused you so many pains? Assuming your emotions are buildings can I used demolished? Would there ever be an end to all of them? Take a look at this; Emotions adjust not only our mental, but also our bodily states. This way they prepare us to react swiftly to the dangers, but also to the opportunities such as pleasurable social interactions present in the environment. Awareness of the corresponding bodily changes may subsequently trigger the conscious emotional sensations, such as the feeling of happiness, tells assistant professor Lauri Nummenmaa from Aalto University.
The one thing that makes us sad is the continual remembrance of the things that happened to us for which reasons pains are evoked. Sadness comes from different sources. Some take it to be normal as others don’t. More often than not, it has a trail from somewhere. It is why the first step to take is to identify what really makes you sad. Remember doing this tends to bring resolutions hypothetically. Identifying the problem is a major step. The best you can do to yourself is to feel relax and take the problems one after another then. It gives you hope and tells you that there is a possible solution. Make a list of the things that makes you sad. Arrange them in order of increasing sadness. Ask yourself what are the possible solutions that can be adopted? Select after that, the best solution but make sure you have different alternatives though. This is to ensure that whiles some may not work out probably, the other may as well. To be straighter, always identify how the sadness comes about. How it grows and finally ‘overpowers’ you. Assuming you get sad anytime you are been reprimanded, getting worst when you are told it is a disgrace for you to behave as such, it is very simple to sort out. Hopefully you have identified the problems and arranging them in order of getting sad, reprimanding comes first before been hurled insults at. Taking the bull by the horn, you first have to stop doing things that would call for caution so as not be reprimanded. Better still you can also ask forgiveness anytime you think or are told you have done something wrong. In this case, you are sure that if the abstinence won’t work, forgiveness would do probably. Before you would be through with this, the sadness phenomenon would be off. Try it. It works.

It is always important to note that in any case, the felling of loneliness can be something just for a moment or a longer time. It emanates from different spheres. It ranges from broken hearted to family issues when no one is there to care about you. What you need to note is that the feeling of loneliness can be of higher gravity or a lower one. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes, it may change our reactions towards the environment and the people we live in. In dealing with this issue, you have to note down the very substances in it that makes you feel lonely. Understand me right here. Since it is Saturday, it’s love we are focusing on, thus, dating and relationships. Maybe your lover girl has left you. Having tried all possible means to bring her back failed, you are now left feeling lonely. It is very simple to sort this out. Little by little, tend to occupy yourself with something to keep going. It is when that in no instance you don’t occupy your mind with anything that would tend to bring back those memories you had. More or less, when you keep yourself busy with the things you do, it definitely would not give you any space for you to think about it. The loneliness does not come as a result of anything but the instances you assume yourself with doing certain things with her. For instance when often you go to bath together, on the day you will go alone, it will definitely remind you off those moments. It will send you thinking about those moments and land you into lonely moods. Maybe in times that she does some cooking for you, when you feel hungry and would have to eat, the issue of loneliness would come into being. Thus, the feeling of loneliness becomes intense. It is essential for you to keep yourself with something always so as not to remember yourself those days you have been together. It all starts from the head. You have to change your conception such that things that you were doing with her could be done now as you are alone. Tell yourself you can do it alone and as such so shall it be. The one thing about life is that conceptions so much matters in different perspectives. Clear your mind of anything that can serve as a stumbling block in your actions. Believe that you can surely do anything without her. I know it is hard to let go some moments but the best you can is to stay calm and pretend nothing has happened. In times of sad moments like death or missing someone, there are something’s that will surely remind you of her.

This is often seen when we are disappointed or when refused a proposal. It often comes our way and sometimes we have little to do about it or them. Just relax in as much as you have some rest. After such instances, get some sleep or engage yourself in some entertainments. This is to release some stress and calm you in one way or the other. The idea of depression can be dealt with in five seconds.
a. Pretend nothing has happened
b. Concentrate on the way forward
c. Have some rest or sleep
d. Don’t feel sorry for yourself
e. Get yourself up and device the way forward

This is when you are left to fate and ask to decide upon what you want. Maybe the family or where you reside may leave you to your fate. They are times where you have to stand up and be firm on what you do or have the passion for. It is all about your intuitive sense and responsibilities. It is good when you are met with things like this. It does not only teach you the other aspect of life but that there is a hope out there when you able to stand up firm in all angles. It is where you have to show the manliness in you. Whenever the things around you in any way leave you lonely to reason softly, take it up as an opportunity and don’t play with such. Reason through all instances and tell yourself that you alone live on this planet earth and have the taste and feel of it.

Wants more of such like this; just relax for surely its every Saturday Special on my blog. I will bring you dating tips and what needs doing in relationships. Get ready for anything sentimental, emotions and you inner being as a whole. It is this and every Saturday.
-Lin Collins

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