Have you ever being in love? What and what drew you together? I have sat down to reason about this particular natural phenomenon and have since found no answers to them. But tell me anyway, what is love? For this one, I would answer myself and maybe you would tell me the 7 mysteries about it then. Love is the understanding held between two or more people over a particular period of time. That is love…surprised. Take a look at it again and maybe you would understand me then.

I have been on the web researching about love and its meaning. Great philosophers and Scientists have come out with the meaning of love and some ‘compositions’. I took a look at the different meaning and ask myself, is that really it? I looked at different situations and finally I concluded that; LOVE IS THE UNDERSTANDING HELD BETWEEN TWO OR MORE PEOPLE OVER A PARTICULAR PERIOD OF TIME. Think you me lying, then maybe you would tell me what you have on love. Let me make this one thing clear; if you can die for her or him, or maybe a group that is love. And now this guy is talking thrash. How can you die for her better still him or maybe a group? The relationship between a mother and a son, a girl and a boy dating, is there any differences? Align them with the relationship with the other and I tell you, the latter is love instead.

The thought of this alone sends me thinking over and over again. Not because I want to but because it makes me wonder. I have seen my friend behave in a different way on beginning to date a girl. His way of behaviour and thought changed from that moment. And now the question is this; what makes love? What is it that is in it that makes it virtually for everyone who truly is ‘in’ love to behave differently? Is there any substance at all in it? What is or are the compositions? Is it a substance and even if, thick or thin? What is it that actually comprises of it? Is there something in it and even if there is, what is it?

1. Love may never get old but it is old. Sounds funny? Or better still the songs accrued from it? This originates from an area around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the earliest known written record of love songs were pressed into clay tablets and were written in praise of Sumerian gods and goddesses.

Humans are able to judge the suitability of a potential partner in a very short amount of time, a matter of seconds even, according to researchers at Pennsylvania University. A study they carried out revealed that falling for someone when you first meet them is attributed to patterns in the brain that point to a direct link between facial attractiveness and positive traits. I sometimes do not see the connection between the start and the end. We begin to date and we see our relationship to be the best of all in the world and the next moment we think it is nothing after all. About the research made, that is love at first sight. But the interesting thing is that the break ups does not come so quick as the latter. It takes some time and later we voice it out.

Why the words ‘fall’? Let us take a critical look at the word and some rationality here. If someone falls into something, it is often preceded with some sort of mayhem or bad circumstances. The word ‘fall’ denotes some degrading movements or actions that which has befallen you or on something. Here now, we are talking about love. Knowing full well that ‘love’ is something sweet and so touching to thinking of. But if we really fall in love, why then don’t we say that we have risen from love when we broke up? You will always here this ‘The love I have for him or she has faded or better still has died down.’ It surprises me when at different points in time we use the words we like depending on what we have found ourselves in. That is the fact. In my case, I would say we walk into love and when we’re done breaking up, it is walking out. Sounds funny right? If you walk yourself into something, you can either expect a good or bad thing. Nonetheless, if you are walking out, it may be for a good reason or a bad one.

A friend of mine saw a scene on a television. It was about a girl who left his parents in search of his lover after a swift misunderstanding. My friend looked at me and said ‘Dave, this is true love, she really loves him.’ I asked myself then if ever there is a false or ordinary love. In any case, let me tell you, some guys or ladies can fake love. Here it takes in depth analysis and knowledge for you to be able to detect it. I would understand you here if you tell me that that is not real love. It would surprise you that the lady or guy whom you are dating might have faked love. It is the main reason why you would have to be very sharp in movements in and out. The differences come in where this is done here and there, the other is not done. That is what brings out the ‘true’ love thing out. It all depends on the action exhibited.

This is one of the questions a colleague girl once asked me. Funny enough, it can be divided into two different perspectives. How can you tell if a girl loves you? What about a boy loving you, how can you figure it out? I would repeat it again; some people can fake love just as others can fake orgasm. Now a day, guys also do fake orgasm. Never mind let us comeback to track. To tell if someone really loves you or not, you need to be very particular about the actions and inactions of the individual. Know what the individual likes and don’t likes, line them up with the current actions that your guy or lady is doing. Don’t be too quick either to rush into conclusions or your partner’s behaviour as it may mean another thing. Since the bedrock of love is trust, whenever she blushes, it means that she can be trusted. It is just a tip anyway. When you are going to school, you learn educational materials, when at church, you listen and read the bible and now that you’ve walked into love, read love materials.

Wants more of such like this; just relax for surely its every Saturday Special on my blog. I will bring you dating tips and what needs doing in relationships. Get ready for anything sentimental, emotions and you inner being as a whole. It is this and every Saturday.
-Lin Collins

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