It is not bad to have enough wealth or be rich. Everyone likes the idea of becoming rich. Some go to just any extend to help this work out for them. In this human society and the advent of science and technology, we have filled ourselves with grades. Low class, middle class or better still upper class. This has fortunately or unfortunately affected our lifestyles apparently. Lifestyles are always changing and the rich has one common ones which has drawn attention. It must though be avoided definitely. Let us take a look at them.
The last thing that would crop on a poor mans mind is too spend extravagantly . This is because it make no sense one bit. It is good though to spend on the things you like but not the things you would love. If you spend for spending sake, you do yourself a great harm in the nearby future to come. It doe no good one bit. No, not one bit. Avoid spending unnecessarily and think of the future instead. The future is wide open for everyone to go through but risky to venture. Thus, invest instead whiles you have enough. Why? Money has a passage of time. It can wait for the poor and the rich, but not more than the stipulated one.

I have realized that people who have the money to influence are always ready to do so without giving a thought over what they are doing. It is not one bit good if simply because of the money you have and the other don’t, you talk rubbish in view of that. No, it is not necessary. For instance if you can influence a virgin with your money and lure her to sleep with you, never, never, underestimate her. Life has so many shades in it. Let not the first that we see always determine the future. The assumption is good, nevertheless it hurts so much. Never downplay anyone especially those who influence or can. When the Sun shines on them, you would smell pepper. Treat them as you would treat your wife or husband. Life has so many gates. Nevertheless, only few find the true gate.

You would be surprise that the same people who you influence with your wealth would so do to you someday. It is only those who do not know life that would want to achieve everything for which they want in a twinkle of an eye. Be a simple fellow all the days of your life and your deeds shall save you in times of trouble. It is good to be respected but best when you also respect people irrespective your social status. Why? It is nothing than the passage of time. For how long shall your influences last long even.

The more pride you involve in the things you do, just remember then that the more your wealth go down the well.The world and life itself is full of principles. You can never tell which might be applied to you until you think of an involvement. The dangerous aspect is that, the measure in which they shall come have you not an idea about. In all matters no matter what, acknowledge that it is not by your wisdom or financial strategies that helped but By God’s grace and mercy. Thousand and one have toiled the whole week, 24/7 but has not what you have. Money comes and goes. Whiles you have it, stay calm and be the good boy or girl you have been all the time. Always remember that whatever you do here on this earth has repercussions attached to them. It is life and nothing can be done after all about it. Pride is when you boast and begins to differentiate about tings you engage yourself with and the things that you meet. It can either be human or inhuman.

Always be calm in all that you do and getting the latest or most expensive item ever is n big deal. A business minded fellow would not do a thing like that.Always spending on flashy cars and getting the best out of ladies in town. They are all meant for fun and popularity. Neither of them can contribute to your game plan. It sounds nice to have those cars to take you to where so you desire in which case facilitate production. It is not being executive in items but in business ideas that can grow fro thousands of ages to come. Have the most expensive idea and strategies and I bet you, men and women would flock at your door to have for themselves. Reason carefully whatsoever that you spend your monies on and ask if in any case can held a profit.

It is of no good to deal with your colleagues differently depending on relations. You would notice that the rich always favor children or colleagues who are also rich as them. They care less about the poor. Why? The assumptions is that the propensity to become rich or held profit are years ago. In this regards, fail to invest in the poor. It is true some don’t know money management. This is where you have to choose poor but business minded people to nurture them fully. It all depends on your approach to the situations any way.
7. Irresponsibility
Because of the their wealth and status in the society, some tends not to be responsible. They tends o disobey authorities and nothing seems different to them. The assumption is that they have the money and can use it to do what so ever that please them. If it is some duty which they should take a look at, because of their riches, it may or may not be done. And when going to be done, by some group of people and not themselves. They can make thousand and one promises, nevertheless fulfilling becomes difficult.

Never and never it any food just for the sake of it. Drinking different drinks both alcoholic and soft ones would never help. It is why you are to maintain a good eating habit though you have all the money that the world can think off. It is good to maintain a good eating habit. This is to ensure that as you grow, go in and out, you still maintain your body structure and stay strong as you can. Living healthy is not just about the sports that you do but the food you eat as well. It is good to eat expensive foods and drink but make sure it is a balanced diet one.

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