Life has been good
The world so fast
Moments in a race
Never tried to rest
I watch them one after the other
They roll like carpets
Very funny like comedians
Serious like the ant
For once wail I
To see you there
A dungeon was taught to be good
Punishments eaten on good plates of food
Bathed day in and out
Labour your friends
Situations so weird
Never one moment to remember a thing
Beauties so weird
Circumstances never a good
The nation’s worry you manufacture
Great pleasures of pain we eat in
Now for once your days alight
Beauties as new hopes
When Christ’s cloaks white
Ask for one or two
Dangers we know
Smiles aback
Help the builders build
Remind our days to be fruitful
Water our golden ages
Prepare our good budget of hopes
Dine with us in good fate
Our nation, our hopes, the dreams unborn
You’re a shareholder
I salute thy works of majestic arts

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