You have since longed for me All along me thought made us money Our old friend Le Professeur Rivière Le Docteur Ruisseau now inject our seeds feverishly It runs up and down in white mud What we get we don’t have What we have we don’t like Our sons cry for their seeds Our daughters labour to death Thought us goodness in it Nevertheless, there should be And now our joy our sorrow Real income earner Fading death Come and our heads shall reason together If I need to rest for a while Home with the ‘exiled’ Or peradventure Rule … Continue reading GALAM SAYS


If the days gone by So weird like beauty If the dreams had So cool like breeze If the journey sojourned So tiresome like quarrying a stone If the deeds cropped So bad a weather If our memories down the pit So fresh a new baby I remember ringing a bell Remind me if you’ve heard it Good has been better The better the best Continue reading REMIND ME


You can for now exile my love for you Until I am through, expel my memories I legged to Aburi Gardens, Brother I Comb our eyes through the flowers And then mine eyes, this beautiful flower Drew I nearer Like a twinkling star A virgin sunflower To catch a good look And there was your love for me My brother’s heart boiled over me But your love calmed me down We can sojourn home after all My legs ache of life And you gave me an everlasting love of wings Sad though to leave you Happy to go back home … Continue reading LET ME KNOW